Tourist Spots in Dhenkanal District [Odisha, India]


Dhenkanal is an important tourist destination in the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa). Today I am going to share with you about the best Tourist Spots in Dhenkanal District. Dhenkanal is the perfect destination, where one can take a break from drudgery daily monotony & simply rejuvenate. Geographical location of this district is totally interesting. The district is predominated by the agricultural sector. Majority of the people of the district are engaged in the occupation of agriculture. The region is proud of its beautiful scenario. Dhenkanal is well connected to the major cities of India, that’s why it provides various facilities for Travelling. This district is covered by various ancient temples, greenery landscapes, hills, religious places and picnic spots.

Location Map of Dhenkanal District

Location Map of Dhenkanal District

Dhenkanal is a perfect place for the nature lovers, where one can visit attractive places with a Low budget. Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of tourist spots in Dhenkanal. Mainly people come here to gather more experience about the history of this place. Read this article from beginning to end to know about the best tourist spots in Dhenkanal district.

Best Tourist Spots in Dhenkanal District

Best Tourist Spots in Dhenkana District

Just look at below to see the best tourist spots in Dhenkanal district…….

  1. Kanakeswar Temple,
  2. Joranda,
  3. Kapilash Temple,
  4. Saptasajya,
  5. Naganatheswar temple,
  6. Sri Raghunath Temple,
  7. Astasambhu Temple, these all are the major tourist spots in Dhenkanal district.

Which is the best time to Visit in Dhenkanal?

Winter is the best time to visit this destination because this time you can easily communicate with all places. You can also visit on the day of the occasions which I have mentioned below.

Now I am going to describe all the above mention destination or the best Tourist spots in Dhenkanal district shortly. Keep reading…..

Kanakeswar Temple:

Kanakeswar Temple, Dhenkanal

Kanakeswar temple is located at a distance of 72 kilometres from Dhenkanal, 45 kilometres from Angul and 25 kilometres from Talcher town. This ancient and popular temple is dedicated to various idol namely Kanakeswar, Baidyanath, paschimeswar, Balunkeswar and Kapileswar. This temple is also popular as a preserve and it preserves some of the earliest specimens of sculptures representing ancient temple building activities in Orissa.


Mahimagadi-joranda-temple, Dhenkanal-District

Joranda is a famous religious centre in Dhenkal. The tomb of Mahima Gosain is the main attraction of this site. Others attraction of this site is the Sunya Mandir, Dhuni Mandir and Gadi Mandir. During the time of full moon day, local people arranged a beautiful fair and collects huge numbers of visitors.

Kapilash Temple:

Kapilash-Temple-Dhenkanal, District

Kapilash temple is located at a distance of 26 kilometres from the district headquarters. The temple is 60 feet in height. Kapilash temple was constructed by Narasinghdeva in 1246 AD. In the left side of this temple ‘Payamruta Kunda’ and in the right side ‘Marichi Kunda’ exists. According to the history, it was the ashram of Kapil Muni and some scholars say it is the second Kailash of Lord Shiva. There are so many legends worshipped here, such as Sri Ganesh, Kartikeya, Gangadevi, Lord Biswanath, Lord Jagannath, Budha Linga etc. Mahashivratri is the main festival of Kapilash. Kapilash is one of the most visited tourist spots in Dhenkanal district.


Saptasajya is a hilly area located at a distance of 10 kilometres from Dhenkanal city centre. The scenic beauty of this place always attracts visitor’s eyes. It is also considered as an ideal meditational place. As per the mythology, once Pandavas had spent some days of their life in these hills. Others attraction of this place is Saptarshi temple and Raghunath temple. During the time of Ramnavami festival, a huge number of visitors gather here to celebrate this festival.

Naganatheswar temple:

Naganatheswar temple

Naganatheswar temple is located at a distance of 20 kilometres from Dhenkanal, near Nagena village. The most ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was constructed in the region of Keshari dynasty. Mahashivratri is the main festival of this site.

Sri Raghunath Temple:

Sri Raghunath temple is one of the famous Vaishnav temples in Dhenkanal. During the time of festivals, a large number of visitors gather here to celebrate the festivals.

Astasambhu Temple:

Astasambhu Temple

The Astasambhu Temple is situated at a distance of 30 kilometres from Dhenkanal and located on the banks of River Brahmani. The main god worshipped in this temple is Lord Shiva. There are various eight temples situated in this region that’s why it is popularly called Astasambhu Temple. This region is considered as one of the most popular religious centres in Odisha.

Others attraction of Dhenkanal district are Vishnu Temple, Siddha Balaram temple, Sri Kunjakant temple, Dandadhar and Kapilash Zoo.

If you love adventure, so friends don’t waste your time and visit all amazing places in Dhenkanal district, which I have already mentioned.

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Thank you….. 

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tourist-spots-in-dhenkanal-districtThere are a lot of places to visit in Dhenkanal. Among this tourist spots, you can visit amazing places as well as Kanakeswar Temple, Kapilash Temple, Saptasajya, Naganatheswar temple, Astasambhu Temple, and more.