Tourist Spots in Nuapada District [Odisha, India]


Nuapada is an important tourist destination in the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa). Today am going to share with you best Tourist Spots in Nuapada. Nuapada is the perfect destination, where one can take a break from drudgery daily monotony & simply rejuvenate. Geographical location of this town is totally interesting. Nuapada is well connected to the major cities of India, that’s why it provides various facilities for Travelling. This district is covered by various temples, cave, waterfalls and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Location Map of Nuapada District

Location Map of Nuapada district

Nuapada is a good place, where one can visit attractive places with a Low budget. Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of tourist spots in Nuapada. Read this article from beginning to end to know about the best tourist spots in Nuapada district.

Best Tourist Spots in Nuapada District


Look at the list of all tourist spots in Nuapada district, below…

  1. Yogeswar,
  2. Pataleswar,
  3. Debagiri,
  4. Rajib Udyan,
  5. Patalganga,
  6. Godhus Waterfall,
  7. Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary,
  8. Beniadhus waterfall, these all are the major tourist spots in Nuapada district.

Which is the best time to Visit in Nuapada?

Winter is the best time to visit this destination because this time you can easily communicate with all places. You can also visit on the day of the occasions which I have mentioned below.

Major Festivals:

Nuapada is famous for the various cultural festivals and fair like Mahashivratri festival, Baisakhi fair etc.

Now I am going to describe all the above mention destination and best Tourist spots in Nuapada shortly. Keep reading…..


Yogeswar temple in Nuapada

The temple is situated from the dating back to 6th century. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built by the help of local people and rehabilitation assistance fund. The cassette king Late Gulshan Kumar has a huge contribution to the making of this temple. The temple is surrounded by green hills. Inside the temple, the idol of Shiva-Parvati was made of single stone like a Jangle Murti. The lower part of the hill, there is a Ram temple also. 40 feet Hanuman statue is another attraction for every tourist.



The famous temple of Pataleswar is located at a distance of 36 kilometres from Nuapada city centre, on Harishankar road. This popular pilgrim centre was made of bricks in Pancharatha style. Visitors always visit here to see the unique architecture and arts.


Debagiri - Nuapada

The Debagiri hills are located at an altitude of 120 meters (approx). The hills shape is too different from the other hills. The northern part of this hill look like rectangular shape and there are perennial poles of water called Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Bhargavi and Indradyumna.  From the top of the hills, you can also see the scenic beauty of kalyansingpur.

At the confluence of the Jaws, there is a cave. Maha-Shivratri is the biggest festival of this site, which collects huge numbers of visitors every year.

Rajib Udyan:

Rajib Udyan - Nuapada

Rajib Udyan is a beautiful garden situated on the left bank of the dam. It is located at a distance of 18 kilometres from Nuapada city centre.  Numerous flowers and pleasant weather of this place always attract local visitors. Every afternoon local peoples regularly visit here.



Patalganga is a popular picnic spot, highly related to the mythology. There has a natural water spring, which is considered as holy Ganga. It is believed that once Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman visited the spot during their exile where Sita felt thirsty. Laxman pierced the ground with his arrow occasioning the birth of the spring. After that, a large number of devotees gather here on the day of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse to take a holy dip in the water spring.

Godhus Waterfall:

Godhus Waterfall

The place is situated at a distance of 30 kilometres from Nuapada. The waterfall is falling down from a height of 30 meters. There is a temple of Lord Shiva located in the down of the fall. Baisakhi Fair is the main festival of this place. During the time of occasion every year, a huge number of visitors gather here. Nowadays this place is famously known as an ideal picnic spot.

Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary:

Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary - Nuapada

The Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary has also called as Sunabeda Tiger Reserve. It is located in Nuapada district. The total area of this reserve is 600 square kilometres. Various types of flora and fauna exist in this sanctuary. Tiger is the main focus of this reserve and the other animals are including Indian Bison, elephants, Black Bucks, swamp deer, wild water buffalo, leopard, leopard, gayal, sloth bear, barking deer etc. Mainly the sanctuary was established to preserve the Bio-diversity.

Beniadhus waterfall:

Beniadhus waterfall

The Beniadhus waterfall is situated inside the Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary. The waterfall is falling down from a height of 24 metres.

If you love adventure, so friends don’t waste your time and visit all amazing places in Nuapada district, which I have already mentioned.

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Thank you….. 

Yogeswar Temple
Godhus Waterfall
Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary
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