Easy Steps to Exchange Dash for BTC


Dash is currently one of the most sought-after coins by crypto investors and its popularity continues to rise because of its potential and promise as an excellent cryptocurrency.

Dash to BTC
Dash to BTC

This article discusses the origin of Dash and other information, such as where you can exchange it for BTC or other crypto coins.

Defining Dash Coin

Dash coin is a digital currency that is used for sending and receiving payments. Dash has the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin but was improved upon creation.

Dash coin
Dash coin

The major reason for the soaring popularity of this coin is due to its unique model and faster transaction speed; plus, it offers more privacy than BTC.

Steps to Buy Dash with BTC

Exchange Dash for Bitcoin at Crypto Exchanges

There are several crypto exchanges that you can use to convert Dash to BTC. Some of these are:


This crypto exchange allows users to change and convert different crypto coins privately. It’s simple and straightforward. Users are not required to open an account before exchanging cryptocurrencies.

  • It is versatile and allows a large pairing variety,
  • No transaction limits,
  • Quick transactions, and
  • Users control the wallets, so it’s secure.
  • It doesn’t support fiat currency.


This is a UK-based trading platform that offers its services worldwide. It offers eight trading pairs and has an approximate daily trade volume of $5.6 million.

  • It is easy to navigate,
  • It offers various payment options for users, and
  • It has great support.
  • It doesn’t support many coins.


This popular exchange allows trading in more than 150 coins. It began as a platform to trade between crypto pairs. Its services include listing, de-listing, withdrawal, and grading of coins.

  • Relatively lower fees,
  • Large options for trading and crypto pairs, and
  • Advanced charting.
  • Works best for experienced users,
  • Binance US doesn’t have as many trading pairs as other international counterparts, and
  • Currently not supported in seven US states.


This is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in existence. However, it is more suitable for use by traders with experience due to the abbreviations, specific terms, and customizable options, etc.

  • Very trustworthy exchange,
  • High liquidity, and
  • Deposit is cheap in the USA and cheap or free in Europe.
  • It has low leverage, and
  • Customer service is not great.

Other Means of Buying BTC

Dash coin - digital currency
Dash coin – digital currency

Fiat Currencies

You can buy BTC by using fiat currencies without having ETH or other coins to exchange. Exchanges, such as CEX.IO and HitBTc, allow users to buy Bitcoin with traditional currencies, such as EUR or USD.


Firstly, you have to open a Paypal account with a valid email address and credit card. To buy Bitcoin, go to the website and click on “Buy Bitcoin and more” on the home screen. Select BTC as the digital currency that you want to buy. Then enter the amount of Bitcoin that you’re buying and click on BUY.

Using Crypto ATMs to buy BTC

Finding a BTC ATM and buying it with cash means that you’re buying it anonymously.

Bottom Line

Dash coin offers its users quick transactions and privacy. There are numerous options mentioned in the article if you want to change your Dash coins to Bitcoin.