Role of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Web Development


Artificial intelligence has been very helpful for customers as well as for business owners. This technology is something that is emerging in the past few years and will also emerge more in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce
Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

The eCommerce is getting transformed because of the use of artificial intelligence technology. This is because it helps in predicting the patterns of shopping that are based on products bought by shoppers.

For example, if a certain customer is engaged in buying a certain brand of rice every month, then the online retailer will be able to send those shoppers with personalized offers. The are many app development companies in new york that are developing eCommerce apps for their client.

Use of AI in eCommerce web development

There are multiple uses of AUI in the field of an eCommerce business that can help the business owner to earn more profit but the main roles that are played by AI are given below-

Chatbots and similar virtual assistants

The eCommerce business owners are seeking the advantage of this technology in their developed web app. This technology involves providing assistants to the customers 24/7.


Chatbots are becoming more intuitive because of AI technology and so it is helping to provide a better customer experience. The eCommerce consultant Ireland is involved in providing perfect services regarding this aspect.

They are not only providing a better customer experience but they are also enhancing the impact of AI in the eCommerce industry with capabilities like-

  • NLP or natural language processing that is having the ability to interpret the interactions that are voice-based with customers.
  • Self-learning capabilities are something that is making this AI technology for eCommerce web development a better one. This is the main reason for which they can improve over time.
  • Deeper insights that have been received help in addressing the needs of consumers.
  • Providing targeted or personalized offers to the customers.

Intelligent product recommendation

Another major feature provided by Artificial intelligence for eCommerce web apps is the personalized recommendations for the products.

eCommerce Web Development

These are basically for shoppers who are doing their shopping online. This helps in increasing the conversion rate by a percentage of 915 and the order value is also increased by 3 percent.

Big Data is also used along with AI in the eCommerce business to impact the choices of customers. This is because of the knowledge of searched products, previous knowledge, and also online habits of browsing.

AI technology
AI technology

Multiple benefits are provided by product recommendation in case of eCommerce retailers and they are-

  • Increase in the number of returning customers.
  • Improving customer sales and retention.
  • The shoppers will be receiving a personalized experience of shopping and this is very helpful for them.
  • Enabling an email campaign for a personalized business.

Inventory management

Because of AI in the case of eCommerce web development inventory is managed in a proper way. Inventory is considered to be the most important point in the case of the eCommerce industry as this is responsible for fulfilling the demand of the market without having any addition for ideal stock.

AI in eCommerce
AI in eCommerce

All the eCommerce development companies are focusing on this point so that the app that they develop will provide the best output for their client. Inventory management that is AI-enabled is helping to maintain the stock based on data that are related to-

  • Potential issues related to supply that could impact the levels of inventory.
  • Trends related to sales in previous years.
  • Projected or anticipated changes in the demand for the products or services.

Warehouse management is also enabled by AI with the help of automated robots. AI is considered to be the B2B sector of eCommerce which is having innovative solutions for the eCommerce industry.

Smart solutions that are AI-enabled

AI-enabled technologies are helping the customers to go through those products or services which they don’t even know. There are many technologies in eCommerce web apps that are seeking the help of AI technology is able to recommend new products for those who are shopping online depending on the personal things they are buying and also depending on the insights of data.

Alexa voice shopping
Alexa voice shopping

Amazon has achieved success with the Alexa device and so they are trying to introduce the new method of shopping by Alexa voice shopping. This will help the customers in knowing the best possible deals for them.

Moreover, they will also be able to provide their customers with tips related to wardrobe including a combination of best fashion and comparison between outfits. The number of returned goods that have been purchased is getting reduced through online sales because of the AI technology in the eCommerce web app.


Hire an eCommerce developer and they will help you in guiding you through the process of developing an eCommerce app based on AI technology. The above-mentioned roles are some of the important roles played by ai in eCommerce web development.