Tips on Before Buying a Domain Name for your important website


What is Domain? Why it is used for? Certainly, it is only for new, actually it is for them who don’t know it.

Domain” is an English word which means “place”. If you want to open a web site, then you have to buy one place or Domain from a reputed organization. If someone wants to come into your office, then they have to know its address. This address is a name which is called a domain name for a web site. This domain name also will identify your website in different ways. Like, you know every man has a name. They carry their identity with their names. A domain also is a name like the almost man’s name. The difference between domain name and the man’s name is that the man’s name is not unique, it means many people have the same name. But, domain name is a totally unique, it means there are no second place for domain in the world. You can see your mobile number as right example. There is no visibility of anyone’s number with your phone number. A domain is an address of the website through which user will find this web site. Like you can see one domain name which is Using IP address in spite of domain You can also enter in your web site or visit any website.  Generally IP address is in numbers. Like is an IP address.

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Let’s know about what is the domain:

There are some parts in one website. Like: is a Domain name. Here ‘http://’ part is the protocol, ‘www.’ Is Hostname, ‘thementalclub’ is a name of institution / Domain name / 2nd Level Domain and ‘.com ‘part is domain extension. That is the structure of one site:  Protocol:// Web. Domain name. Domain extension.

Which discussion comes first for making one web site that is what will be Domain?

Know more about a domain name (in details)

There are all files of one website on one server computer. Every server has a particular IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). Through which that server finds in internet. Like IP Address of our website’s server may be but IP Address of all web site is not possible to keep in mind in this way. Domain solves this problem. The IP Address is being set for one Domain. For that if that Domain is loaded, then that website will load also. is the domain name of our site. If you enter this then, our website will open automatically. Each Domain is structured mainly into two parts. One is Domain Name and another is Domain Suffix.

‘’ is a domain and ‘thementalclub‘ is the domain Name of this and ‘.com’ is the domain suffix.

There will be minimum 3 letters and maximum 63 letters in a domain name. Just English letters, till 0-9 numbers and you may use “-” (Hyphen) to create a domain name.

The variety of Domain:

There are many types of Domain.

TLD = Top Level Domain: Like .com, .org, .net, .info, .pw, .me etc. These are the highest level of the domain.

gTLD = Generic Top Level Domain: Among Top Level Domains, which are not related to the country that is called gTLD. Like .com, .org, .net, .info and .in, .pk is not gTLD. Because, .in stands for India and .pk stands for Pakistan.

SLD = Sub Level Domain: If there is something before the domain name that is called Sub Level Domain. Like Here ‘movie‘ is the SLD. There are many Sub Level Domain in one domain.

CCTLD = Country Code Top Level Domain; Different countries have their own Domains and that are called CCTLD. Like .bd(Bangladesh), .pk(Pakistan), .us(America), .uk(United Kingdom), .in (India) etc.

First Domain of the world is It registered Massachusetts Computer Company by Symbolics in March, 1985.

Top Level Domain: .com, .net, .org, .info etc. Domains are called Top Level Domains. (These Domains you need to buy).

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