The Disadvantages & Advantages of Cloud Hosting


Today, I will tell you about the cloud computing and cloud hosting. Recently, the name of the technology in the computer world is Cloud Computing. Present day technology is depended upon the cloud. In the computer world, the cloud computing creates a new revolution. If you understand the cloud computing,m then you can easily understand the cloud hosting. The informations are collected from Wikipedia and Google. Now, come to the main point.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In our previous article, we described cloud hosting and the features of cloud hosting. For this reason, I’m telling that in short. Generally, when we do a website hosting, then it conserves in a server. But, in the case of cloud hosting, your site may reach to you through so many servers i.e. your site is not confined into a server and it sends to the users through the cloud which made by the combination of different servers. Moreover, this cloud is made of the combination of the server which is conserved in different countries.

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Advantages of Cloud Hosting

The Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

Website is not confined into a server and if a server is crashed then from other your site will definitely watch. Through this, you confirm 100% uptime.

  1. You can use it in all time. It means that 24 hours 100% uptime.
  2. From any place you can upload information, you can download and you can also control it.
  3. No hardware is required.
  4. There is no need to know that how the information is conserved.
  5. You can use any Operating System.
  6. The cost comparatively low than service.
  7. You don’t think about the security of the site.
  8. There is no problem if the site loads a lot suddenly.

So many cloud hosting companies give their services through Content Delivery Network (C.D.N). That is, if your server is in T.U.S.A or U.K, then your site will load from CDN server which is very close to users. That is, if an user from Australia visits in your site, then it loads from C.D.N server which is in Australia. Through this, you will get 30%-40% site speed.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting:

The main disadvantage of the cloud hosting is that it is very costly.

You can use cloud hosting if you want to load it fast and if you want to get 100% uptime.

I have been using cloud hosting since 2 years. The difficulties have not seen any so far. Due to the use of cPanel I had faced some problems in first of 2-3 days. Its uses are very easy. But the problem is that we don’t know where the files are saved on the server. Moreover, we don’t see any difficulties after searching on the Internet.

The main problem of cloud hosting is that it is very costly. You can use it to get 100% uptime and if you want to load your site faster.

So many cloud hosting companies are giving services in our company. I do not say it definitely. Getting the site hosting you can take the cloud from hosting provider.

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