PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration: Why You Should Do It Soon


PeopleSoft and cloud computing have been the main topics of discussion recently in the world of IT and human resource management. Many entrepreneurs believe that more than half of their applications will be cloud-based within the next few years. As such, there’s no doubt that one needs to migrate the applications to the cloud as soon as possible if they want to keep up with the ever-growing competition. If you’ve been relying on your hardware to host PeopleSoft and other business-related software, then, you must have experienced frustrations at some point due to lagging or regular downtimes.

PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration

Due to immense pressure on the operational budget, most IT leaders are forced to deliver more with less resources at their disposal. It’s a common experience in most contemporary enterprises, especially those that are just starting up. Have you ever considered migrating to PeopleSoft?  Here are a few reasons why you should do it soon:

  1. Save On The Costs

As an entrepreneur, you should strive to reduce the cost of your resources without compromising the quality of your output. Using your own hardware to host important applications can be very costly. Among the expenses that you might do away with or reduce include electricity bills, staffing needs, and even redundancy. With less technicians required to take care of the servers and other computer-related needs, you might have a room to make more profits, which is everyone’s dream. Of course, you will have to pay for PeopleSoft to cloud migration –either as a monthly subscription or a one-time payment–but the total costs are a lot less as compared to your current approach.

  1. Flexible Scalability

Sometimes you might need to shrink or grow your organization depending on the task at hand. As such, you’ll need a model that is flexible enough to quickly change size. Many companies have found themselves in scenarios wherein they need more storage space, memory, or additional servers to accommodate new PeopleSoft modules, such as recruiting, performance management, or talent management applications.

Cloud Server
Cloud Server

As your business grows, more workloads and users come into play. Therefore, it’s very beneficial to be able to scale your enterprise whenever you need to. Running your applications in the cloud will give you this ability. You won’t need to start setting up new servers, which could take a lot of time, for you to meet the current user needs.

  1. You Can Easily Access The Current Technologies

Technology changes rapidly, and the earlier your systems get updated, the better. Having to integrate new software into your operations can be time-consuming, and, sometimes, even frustrating due to compatibility issues. Moving to the cloud will save you a lot of time and resources when upgrading to the latest PeopleSoft application versions in town. Others, such as business analytics, can be easily embedded into your system, increasing your team’s efficiency. Depending on the cloud service provider you choose, you could get enough space for your core business applications, as well as their supporting technologies.

  1. Monitoring

You might not see the need for hiring someone else to monitor critical processes in your operations if the business is still small. However, as you grow, things may get complicated, and that’s when a third party could come in handy. Having all your applications in one place makes it a lot easier to keep track of all incoming requests. Most cloud service providers offer monitoring tools that unify DevOps, hence improving productivity and development. You can receive notifications by selecting the types of alerts you’d like to get. In the long run, you’ll have increased operational efficiency. You’ll also experience a quick turnaround in your production and service delivery.

  1. Compliance

Compliance is a very critical part of your business operations. Most companies are forced to manually check if their security mechanisms, applications, procedures, and infrastructure are compliant. Well, this can take up a significant part of the resources, which could have a huge impact on overall performance. The cloud, however, will free up these resources by automatically ensuring that all the sectors are compliant and work as required.


It’s never too early or too late to migrate your PeopleSoft application to the cloud. One thing to note is that this is not only meant for big companies. Even your startup business can benefit from such an advancement. The fact that it helps you save on costs and paves the way for better scalability makes it ideal for any business out there. Also, it allows you to monitor all the operations quite easily since all applications are in one place, not to mention all supporting technologies are integrated into your system.