Some Auto Completion Tools or Script for Website


In this post, you will get some auto-completion script which will bring a speed for the users of your site. Auto Completion or suggestion script is very important when the visitors fill up the online forms. It certainly helps a lot when your visitors, country, currency, or if any of the text is in the list, then it will be much faster.

Hopefully, these scripts will be very helpful for you and your visitors.

#1. Search suggestion

This script will give search suggestion in style.

apple auto suggestion

#2. YUI 2: AutoComplete

The text suggestion will show in front of you, and it will do functionally completion.


#3. AutoCompleter, Demo

It has so many features. There are so many user interface, such as local, JSON or XML, custom formatting, Multiple Selection, Animations etc.

AutoCompleter, Demo

#4. Auto Complete 1.2 Scriptaculous

Prototype/Scriptaculous based suggestion tool.

AutoComplete 1.2 Scriptaculous

#5. Mootools Autocompleter

It is light plugin. It is specially made for text input.

Mootools Autocompleter

#6. New component (auto_complete) in prototype UI

It is totally made by HTML code.

auto complete html code

#7. Yet Another AutoComplete Script (YAACS)

It is a job script. You know the rest of the thing after using it.


#8. Auto Suggest jQuery Plugin

It is quite light jQuery Plug-in which helps you to make an auto-complete.

Now, choose your favorites from them.


Thank You!

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