The technique of searching on Google Like a Pro


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you “The technique of searching on Google“. When it starts about search engine then which name comes in mind that is Google. To find something, generally direct we search on the home page of Google. But as it is not possible to read our mind state from behalf of Google, so normally it is not possible by showing absolutely prefect results from the behalf of strong search engine like Google on depending just keywords.

How To Search In Google Like A Pro?


To get the highest search benefit from Google, we have to use some search operator also side by side some keyword. If you can use all these operators correctly than many times more accurate results can be obtained. Techniques of searching in Google are given in the following.

Search the contents of any specific site:

Generally, if you search any keyword on Google, then that keyword is available in how many websites, Google publishes all that according to the list. But not searching in this way, you can search any particular keyword from any particular website through Google.

Suppose, you are wanting that, is there any word “Libya” in site or is there written about “Libya”. But if you search in Google or other search engine by writing “Libya” then hundred results come, but one of its first part doesn’t come from the scientist. In this type of situation, Google’s search advanced search operator can be helpful only for you.

Search in the search box by writing “Libya” for searching “Libya” word in science through Google. You have seen results have come only from science. And this process is not only in the case of science or Libya, you can use this process from any website for finding any subjects.

See the photos only from any particular site:

Google’s is somewhat a good site for searching picture in internet. If you search here by writing any keyword, then within moment hundred pictures are presented on that subject.

Suppose you are wanting a photo of “Shah Rukh Khan” from CNN’s website. In that case if you search by writing site: Shah Rukh Khan by going to then you will get the desired result. In this way, if you want, then you can see all photos of any site side by side searching a particular picture. Like if you search here by writing site: only then all photos of CNN will be shown as a result.

Know where is the link of your website:

If you have a website then normally you are interested to know that, in which websites, website’s link has given. You can know it very easily from Google search. Where is any site’s link, for knowing it in Google, you have to use link operator. Suppose you want to know where has been given link. So going to Google search by writing and then search. Which pages will be shown in search results if you enter into that then you will see there has given thementalclub link in any corner of each.

The technique of searching on Google:

Search subject is very normal. Anything comes in your mind and typing that in the search box of and enter that or click on the Google search button. You will see some webpage’s link related to your item have come. But it has been said before, which item or which subject’s information you want to know, there are some useful techniques of giving that item or subject in the search box. Mainly this is written with that technique. At this writing [ ] all used brackets are for single item. Like [black and white] is an item. And [black] and [white] are two different items.


#1. Every word is real in case of searching. But there are some exceptions. Later discussion will be held with exceptions. The search is always “Case-Insensitive”, in other word there is no problem if you write the subject of searching item is word of capital letter or small letter or both. Like same results will be shown of search of [New York Times] and [New York Times].

#2. In spite of some exceptions, punctuation marks are rejected always for searching. In other word you will not search with @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (), =, +, [ ], \ and more some special signs.

#3. Try to keep normal searching items. Suppose, you are searching information of a particular company. If you remember the full name of the company, then write a full name in the search box. And if you can’t remember then how much you remember write that much in the search box. If you want to search any particular concept, place or material, then start writing with this name. If you want to find a pizza restaurant, then write the name pizza and write also the name of your city or zip code with this. Most of the cases advanced operator or rare punctuation mark don’t need.

#4. You have to think that, how to stay searching’s subject at webpages. The search engine is not a man. This is a program, which searches the similarity if different pages in web with your given words in the search box. In case of searching use all that words, which may stay normally in web pages. Like use headache word instead of my head hurts. Because headache word is used in medical pages. Or [in what country is bats considered an omen of good luck?] – This sentence is very clear to a man. But which document will response to this question, in that document that words may not stay. So if you want to use [bats are considered good luck in] or [bats good luck] instead of mentioned words, then it has the possibility of getting desirable pages.

#5. Write your necessary item by using words as less as possible. Search engine focuses each word of an item. As all words are used, so that each extra word will limit your desirable result and if this limitation is much more then you will loss information enough quantity. The main advantage of searching with a small amount of keywords, though you don’t get a desirable result as a result of searching with that keywords, you will understand from receiving results that what words you have to add for searching newly that item’s subject. For example: To know the weather report of Cancun, weather Cancun is better searching item than a weather report for Cancun Mexico.

#6. Use comparative and descriptive words. How much search item will be single, that much your received results will be fruitful. Which words are not descriptive like “document”, “website”, “company” or “info”, that don’t need generally. Remember in spite of staying exact meaning of your words if most of people don’t use that, then you will not find out necessary page. For example: celebrity ringtones are more descriptive and specific than celebrity sounds.

#7. You can stuck your item with double quotation (” “). In this case you will get only that pages which have similarity with words in the quotation. But in this case you can loss many urgent information accidentally. Like: to find out any information with “Alexander Bell”, you will not get any pages of Alexander G. Bell which has similarity.

#8. You can search inside’s information of any particular website through Google searching. Like: through Iraq site:, you will get Iraq related pages. But which information are there in only site which is Iraq related, you can also specify the total category of any site. Like: Iraq site: .gov will give results of Iraq’s .gov domain sites. Or Iraq site: .gov will give only the results of Iraqi sites.

#9. If you don’t want to get which word related information on searching then you can skip all that words by giving (-) sign. In other word give (-) sign before a word and you have to give space before that. Like: anti-virus software will act as (-) by item. In this case it doesn’t mean that “virus” word is not deduced. But anti-virus software will search result by giving “anti-virus” word in item but deducting software’s reference from that. Because, there is a space before “software”.

#10. Generally Google calculates all words of a searching item. But if you want to get information related some words, in that case you have to use “OR” operator. Mentionable, here you have to write with capital letter “OR”. For example: through San Francisco Giants 2004 or 2005, you will get information of 2004 or 2005. But you will get both year’s information on the same page without OR operator.


It has been said before, though Google rejects most of punctuation marks, but there is some exception. Like: Google strategy of searching.

A: There are some famous words like C++, C# which have specific meanings. Here two words are two name of a programming language. In this case signs will not be rejected.

B: Dollar sign ($) is used to understand the value. Like: different results will come of Nikon 400 and Nikon $400.

C: When underscore sign (_) is used to add two words, then it is not rejected. Using these techniques, you will save your valuable time. You will not need to see page after page to search information… just search by following the rules in the following, you will see how easily you have gotten everything… see once what things can be done except search.

Generally Google ignores what, how, where, is, of etc. Words and any other single character. But if necessary, you can use all these words and letters, but for that you have to use + sign before that word. Like: +what +is capital of India. Remember, you have to give a space definitely before + sign and later any space will not be kept. Use quotation marks for phrase search. Like: if you search with “river of India” phrase, then Google will show you all that results where same similarity is there of “river of India”. In it your search result will decrease more.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

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