Let’s know about the Domain in detailed


How are you? I am fine. Today I will give you so many information about the domain. Hopefully, this article is liked by all of you guys.

Do you know about the Domain? Let’s know about the Domain in detailed.

The Contents of this tune: I will bring all subjects about domain in front of you guys. So, let’s see it.

·         What is Domain?

·         Does domain like a hosting? 

·         The parts of the Domain. 

·         Why do we use domain?

·         Does the website publish without domain?

·         Types of Domain.

·         What is Free Domain?

·         Paid Domain

·         TLD

·         gTLD

·         ccTLD

·         Promo Domain

·         Premium Domain

·         Difference between the Premium Domain and Promo domain

·         What kind of Domain do we want?

·         For whom we take Domain?

·         Conclusion

Now, come to the main point.


What is Domain?

First of all, what is Domain? It is an address of the website. So many people do not understand it till now. I tell you more easily. You live in a house. Someone has asked you a question that where do you live? Then, do you answer that you live in a house. It is not that. You always tell your address. Similarly, domain is the address of any website by which anybody can easily find out the website. For example: google.com, facebook.com, sulovbd.com, thementalclub.com etc.: these are the domain. This domain is always kept separate from one website to another. That is, by giving the domain you can entry only on your website.

Does domain like a hosting?

No, domain and hosting are totally different things. But, they are not so helpful except each other. You will get different types of hosting services from a different hosting provider and they have own unique address. The domains are supplied through a specific institution. You may get hosting space from various hosting providers but you will not get that if the domain is sold out from the domain providers.

The parts of the Domain

Here are two parts of the domain. I have given some examples of it. It has two parts. These are: Domain Name and Domain Extension.

For example: In google .com, google is a domain name and .com is the extension. Also, in thementalclub.com, thementalclub is the domain name and .com is the extension name.

Now, the question is, I want to keep the domain name thementalclub. But, how do we keep? There is an easy solution. Please, watch that I am talking about thementalclub and its extension is .com. By using another extension, you can keep your domain name thementalclub. And you can get the extension from the domain providers. But, you will not get thementalclub.com.

Why do we use domain?

You have told that you have a website. But if anybody asks you that have you any website or not, then what will you say?

So, you must keep in mind that to show anybody your website, you must have a domain.

Does the website publish without domain?

This is a good question. You will be very happy that without any domain you can publish a website. For this, you have to follow the IP address. You will understand if you publish it with IP and after publishing, you will understand that it is a foolish task. But, I do not tell you that without IP, the domain is used. Actually, the domain makes the IP very easy.

Types of Domain

A Domain may be the different types.

According to the price, the domain may be two types: Free Domain and Paid Domain.

Free Domain:

The domains which you will get in free is called free Domain. The popular domain names are: .tk, .ga, .ml, and .cf.

Paid Domain:

The domains for which you have to pay money is called paid domain. Some popular domain names are: .com, .net, .info, .co, .in, and .asia etc.

According to the TLD, the domains may be various types. For example: gTLD, ccTLD etc.


What is the meaning of TLD? TLD means Top Level Domain i.e. the domains which is much demanded and which are very popular.


gLTD means General Top Level Domain. The most usable gLTD is .com and others are .net, .info, .org, .biz etc.


ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. There are separate domains for each countries. These are the Country Code Top Level Domain. It refers that country from where the website belongs to. For example: .in means India, .bd means Bangladesh, .uk means United Kingdom, .us means United States. The domain is always in two letters. The speciality of these domains is that by using domain you will easily target the country and you will get the visitors.

The people of our country also watch two kinds of domains such promo Domain and Premium domain. Let’s know about these.

Promo Domain:

There is no domain just like a promo domain. Actually, the price of which domains is less, those domains are known as Promo Domain. And promo means advertisement. That is, for advertisement, the domain providers sell domains just as a normal way i.e. They give offers. All of the domain providers do not sell at the same price.

Premium Domain:

Premium domain is those domains which perform good SEO. That is by using which domains you will get good visitors, these are called Premium Domain. It does not refer .net, .com etc. These are the definite names. The owner of the domain make it by caring a lot. For example: moviewap.com. The price is: $4099.

Price Source: http://domains.hostforest.net/domain-registration/index.php

Domain hosting

Difference between the Premium Domain and Promo domain:

Promo Domain is the selling of any domain in a very low price. If you want to buy .com, then you have watched that its price is $10. But, any domain provider can offer you that the price of the same domain is less than $10. This is called the Promo Domain. You buy it in promo offer.

And the premium domain is those domain names which price is huge online. The domains which everybody wants it. For example: if thementalclub.com is sold, then everybody wants to buy it because, this website is very popular and you will get so many visitors. For this reason, this domain is a premium domain. The owner of the site may bargain the price. But, you don’t need to renew it in every year. Renew price will be the normal price.

That is, the popular domain is a premium domain and low price domain is promo domain.

What kind of Domain do we want?

In the case of buying domain, so many people have bought a domain without thinking anything. After thinking it, we realise that we have done a wrong process. You have to take a right decision.

You must keep in watch these things in that case of buying Domain:

·         In which site you will use the domain?

·         From which country the visitors will come?

Now come to the main point:

The name is determined in which purposes you will use the domain. Suppose, now you will buy domain for online shopping. If you give a name of earn money or the thementaclub, then you will not get so many visitors. You must choose a domain which is suitable with the online shopping.

That is, you have to choose a shopping related keyword by which you will have to register in the domain. If you have own brand, then there is no required to choose thus keyword. Then you keep your domain name according to your brand name.

Is your site any general institution or any commercial institution or any blog site? You take the extension according to the site name. It is not so important. For example: if your website is general institution, then you take .org and if your website is commercial institution, then you take .com.

Now, come to the case of Visitors

If your main visitors come from India, then you will use .in and if your main visitors come from the Bangladesh, then you will use .bd. In this case, you will get more visitors. And if you think that your visitors may come from all of the world, then you can use gTLD. But, first of all, you have to try to get .com extension. If you get it, then you take it.  You may take other extension.

From whom we will take domain?

It is a very important thing. It is a very confidential matter from whom you will take the domain. In this case, you have to keep this in mind.

·         Is your domain giving full control panel or not?

·         Is the price taking more from other one?

Now come to the main point:

Now, you must sure that is your domain giving full control or not? Because, there are some people who do not give full control of domain in spite of speaking the full control. As a result, your domain may gain a very good rank but for the next time to renew it, huge money is demanded by the domain providers. So, you must buy by 1000% Suring.

So many people always search for low prices domains. If you get  the promo price domain, then you are mad to buy it at promo prices. I don’t tell you to buy the domain at promo prices. Because, we see that though the price is low in the promo, but at the time of renewal, the price will be so high. So, I will tell you to buy promo domain from those the renew cost is less.

By keeping these two in your mind, then you will buy the domain.


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