How to Submit & Verify Your Website on Alexa


Alexa is a website which calculates and provides global rank of a website on the basis of per day visitor. If you have any personal website or blog then you can show Alexa on your website. And today I’ll show you how to show Alexa rank on a website. Follow the steps below:

How to Submit & Verify Your Website on Alexa

Submit & Verify Your Website on Alexa

Step 1: At first register and add your website or blog on

Step 2: Copy the following code and customize it. Change “” into your website name or blog name.

Code for showing global traffic rank.

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>


Step 3: Paste the customized code in your webpage where you want to show the Alexa rank.

Watch video tutorial.

 How to show Alexa rank on Blogspot website?

Step 1: At first login and go to dashboard of your blogspot website.

Step 2: Now go to Layout option and click on “Add Gadget” and add “HTML/Java Script” gadget.

Step 3: Copy the above code and replace “” into your blog name or website name.

Step 4: Save and refresh your blog.

Well done!!! Now, you will see the alexa rank on your website on your blog or website. Enjoy!

Watch the video tutorial.

Thank you.

Biswajit Das
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