The Advantages of Having a Conversion Solutions System


It is no surprise that business enterprises have a huge amount of data and information that is received, processed, stored, delivered from and to many locations within and outside the enterprise. The data that moves through the systems is in various formats, sizes, volume, and is either confidential or regular information.

So how does an enterprise manage such amount of varied information on a daily or hourly basis? One way to simplify the work is by using the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems such as SAP, Team center, etc. where the data processing is made simpler for the employees to work efficiently. But, what about managing the conversion of data files from one format to another and distributing it numerous locations?

Conversion Solutions System

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Here, the ERP systems suffer from a drawback as they are not equipped with the features of converting and distributing the data. Enterprises use another system solution known as the Output Management System which handles the processing of the output for the business efficiently and effectively.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The output management system has some of the best conversion solutions available in the industry. Enterprises need not have to purchase and install an individual system solution for conversion, automation, and delivery of the data and documents. The output management system will take care of the entire process. The system can be seamlessly integrated into any of the existing ERP systems. And, what’s more, nothing changes for the end user. So the employees do not have to worry about working on a new system.

The best conversion solutions are the ones where a file of any format can be converted into neutral long term formats that can be saved for future use and are easy to view in most of the devices.

PDF/A is an ISO standard conversion format which makes that each of the PDF files can be replicated and reproduced at a future date. It is also the most preferred format for saving and sending data and information. PDF/A can combine a different variety of formats, has search-capable for texts, and uses colors. It helps in differentiating the data. Internal indexing makes it easy to catalogue the information in a PDF/A file while the internal digital signatures provide authenticity and credibility to the document.


There are invisible extra functions which offer long-term security to keep the information safe. Compared to PDF, a PDF/A file is whole and complete on its own. It contains all parts that are needed to reproduce a document. The internal structuring of the PDF/A file prevents its dependence on external hardware for formatting purposes.

  • CAD Conversions
    • The CAD images cannot be viewed or accessed without a CAD viewer. The format is not suitable for long-term saving.
    • The files are converted to neutral formats such as PDF/A, TIFF/G4, 3-D PDF, etc. to make the files accessible and easy to view.
    • The conversion process can be automated and the files are converted prior to printing. The conversion process can be carried out simultaneously as the changes to a drawing are being made in the system.
  • Office Conversions
    • Converting a file before storing it has more advantages than converting file afterward.
    • Files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Project files from the Microsoft Office suite, along with the Writer, Calc and Impress files from the Apache OpenOffice suite can be converted to neutral formats.
    • All the converted files are checked to see that there has been no loss of data and the files are in accordance with the required file standards.
    • Office files with Macros, protected files, files of different versions, etc. can be converted using the best conversion solutions.
  • Outlook Conversions
    • Application files are dependent on the version and the operating system. The email is segmented and attachments are saved into a separate file.
    • The individual files are converted to PDF/A format. Finally, all the files are collated into a complete PDF with bookmarks.

With the corporate conversion server, large organizations can have a conversion engine that automatically performs the conversion process on a company-wide basis. The action runs in the background allowing users to work on other areas of the job.