SSD vs HDD Comparisons – Best Comparison Ever To Choose The Between SSD & HDD



Nowadays, SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) are the most famous devices used to store data. And both the hard drives are used to store data in the latest technology.

Many user’s mind is getting disturbed while selecting HDD or SDD, which one is better for them? But still, there is not a complete answer found by any user, as there are advantages and disadvantages of both the hard drives. The choice is mainly dependent on the user, their budget and needs.

And here in this article, we will learn the SSD vs HDD difference. And we’ll also know the good and bad things about SSD and HDD. After knowing all these things, you’ll finally come to identify that SSD vs HDD which one is better for you.

What Are The Difference Between SSD & HDD

The SSD drives offer the essential boost in the performance of the system and also find its use in enterprise-level storage devices. Although, HDD drives have become quicker, reliable, and smarter now than ever before.

  1. SSD Vs HDD: Storage Capacity

The SSD is more expensive hard drive as compared to HDD. But the storage capacity of Solid State Drive is low as compared to Hard Disk Drive. Hence, the HDD capacity is 500 GB and whereas the SSD is 128 GB.

Therefore, HDDs are very decent storage hard drive for storing large files, like audios, videos, games and other media files, which makes HDD famous for storing the large files so, buyers must go through with the HDD rather than SSD according to storage capacity.

  1. SSD Vs HDD: Price

Solid State Drive are more expensive than Hard Disk Drive, as HDD are cheaper and anyone can easily buy this hard drive easily.

When you are selecting the reliable storage drive between SSD & HDD, then the first thing you will notice is the price of the storage device, which one is more reliable and affordable.

So according to the price level, buyers must go through with HDD rather than SSD.

  1. SSD Vs HDD: Speed

The speed of the SSD and HDD are commonly measured in the MB/s (megabytes per second) for both read/write of the hard drive.

However, the technology of the SSD is used in electronic interfaces. While the speed of SSDs is very rapid as compared to the HDD or other storage devices.

However, if we are going to compare with the recent SSDs then the speed of HDDs is very low. And the Speed of the SSD is nearly 6 times faster than the older HDDs.

  1. SSD Vs HDD: Reliability

Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive do not have its moving parts. On the other hand, the reliability of the SSD is much higher than the HDD, where the HDD conception is that it has an infinite span of read/write process of hard drive.

And the most essential thing to remember is that the storage device must function appropriately and correctly. But the buyer needs to confirm with the working conditions and the proper environment.

Although, the users should always remember that the temperature range of the SSD’s is smaller than HDD. To maintain reliability, SSD would be functioned in a controlled environment.

  1. SSD vs HDD: Lifespan

The SSDs lifespan depends upon the factors alike the total terabytes of the data overwritten in time. And the SSDs are likely to have a longer lifespan as compared to HDD.

Hard Disk Drive is developed for the greater storage capacity at an inferior cost and with decent durability. Whereas, the Solid State Drive is developed for better speed performance with the lower volume per cost.

  1. SSD vs HDD: Power Consumption

SSDs do not have to expend electricity to spinning up a platter from the standstill.

Solid State Drive consume less power than the Hard Disk Drive due to start-up efficiency. For example, if someone replaces his/her mechanical Hard Disk Drive with a Solid State Drive, that time you’ll notice that actual power consumption will be double.

  1. SSD vs HDD: Gaming

Many people are interested in the performance of SSD vs HDD playing games. However, if you need to get better game experience, then it is suggested to make use of the SSD because it is outstanding on SSD vs HDD rapidity test.

Games installed on SSD will usually boot faster than the games installed on SDD. Generally, booting games from the SSD may take less than half time as compare to the booting game from HDD.

  1. SSD vs HDD: Boot-Time

When people would like to know about the SSD vs HDD boot time, then that time it has been found that Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive both the hard disk have a similar base Windows installation.

As you know, SSD is much faster than HDD in speed. Although, the average boot time of the HDD is around 30-40 seconds whereas the average boot time of Solid State Drive is 10-13 seconds.

Further, for the loading test of the application, the HDD remains slower than the SSD. When you are looking for the SSD vs HDD for boot time, then SSD is more reliable and quicker rather than HDD.


After reading the complete post, now I hope you have got sufficient knowledge about SSD vs HDD which one is better? Or comparisons between SSD vs. HDD.

In the above portion, we have discussed completely the comparison of SSD vs. HDD with respect to its capacity, price, speed, reliability, lifespan, and power consumption.

Although, the HDD is a more reliable option for you if you are looking for cheaper cost and the large storage capacity.

But after getting full information about both the hard disk, I must say that the SSD will be a great option to choose if you are looking for fast speed and high performance.

Hopefully, this article will surely help you to know SSD vs HDD which is better for you.

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