As a new blogger five things that you should never do


Blogging is easy but not easy enough like eating. For becoming a successful blogger, you have to work according to the ways of pro bloggers. You got to understand and feel how they do blogging in their everyday life? What they do and what they don’t.

For becoming a successful blogger, you have to avoid some attitude what you do but it shouldn’t be done? But as a new blogger they don’t have enough knowledge about effective blogging. When they start blogging they try to do everything, whether it is required or not. That is why today I am writing this post on As a new blogger five things that you should never  do.

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As a new blogger five things that you should never do


  • 1. Stop Writing Post

I have seen that many new bloggers when they start blog they do well, but after a few days or months they just stop writing posts. To do well in blogging every new blogger has to write post regularly.

When you write some new post, your readers start to believe you that you are very good in a particular niche. It makes a positive scenes in their mind and they try to read your post in regular interval. But what happens when you just stop writing posts for your readers? It’s really doesn’t make any scenes. You got some loyal readers, but just through it away.

So to become successful in your niche you have to make sure that you are writing post regularly for your valued readers.

  • 2. Not Replying to Comments

When someone will leave comments under your post you have to take it as a blessing. Cause it makes a scenes that your post was read by your readers. You have to take it as a compliment and if they want to know something about that specific post you have to reply back and make sure that they are getting your points. If they don’t want to know anything, yet you should give thanks to the commenters.

I have seen many bloggers that when they got any positive comments they reply it, but when they got something negative they do not respond. It is not good if you want to be a successful blogger. You always should reply whether it is positive or negative comments. If you do not reply to comments they will think you don’t want to care themselves and they will gone from your blog forever. So to become successful you have to reply each and every comment when it’s necessary.

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  • 3. Trying to Write Post on Everything

There are many bloggers, specially the new bloggers try to write post on everything instead of any specific niche. When you will post on a single topic each and every time, people try to believe you that you are a boss on that field. But when you try to write everything to get lots of visitors it kills your authenticity instead of being popular.

So its better to write a post on a specific niche and don’t go for everything.

  • 4. Copy Pasting

Pro blogger doesn’t do that, but some new blogger still doing this. If you are new in blogging then you got to understand some SEO rules before start blogging. If you just do copy paste into your site can be banned by Google and on the other hand it will never give you psychological serenity.

You also have to keep in mind that if you want to success in blogging, you have to respect other bloggers. So don’t copy. If you really want to be a great blogger you have to create the authentic post of your own. By this way it will get ranked well on search engine and you will feel the psychological happiness.

  • 5. Write for Search Engine

If you only write for Google, why you expect your post will be read by people? You got to understand why they will read your post? Why they should visit your site again and read your other post?

You have to write post for your readers and have to make sure that they are getting your points. If you can write some good content, then you can optimize for search engine too. So don’t try to happy the search engine instead of your valued readers.

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Biswajit Das
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