Should You Buy Backlinks or Not 2017?


Should You Buy Backlinks or Not 2017: Hi Guys! All we know that Backlinks are the most important and also the difficult part of S.E.O. Most of the new web owners do not take the pain to build backlinks manually or naturally instead they buy backlinks from different platforms like Fiverr. But, Now the question is Are you thinking about buying backlinks in 2017? But in this article, I am going to show you how buying backlinks can be harmful to your site.

Should You Buy Backlinks or Not 2017?

Should I Buy Backlinks or Not 2017
Should I Buy Backlinks or Not 2017

In simple words, Buying backlinks is 100% not safe. The short answer is no. Buying backlinks violates Google’s policies and will get you blacklisted if they catch you. Google clearly says buying links is against their violations and it will come back to haunt you when your site is punished for this.

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Fiverr people are also just putting these links on blog sites and forums which won’t help you anyway. You want backlinks from places that are related to what you do. If you a sneaker company you don’t want backlinks coming from a cooking website. There is no correlation there and it does you no good. Don’t buy links. That is, don’t buy links if you care about ranking well in Google in the long-term.

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Why Should You Not Buy Backlinks?

There are lots of reasons you should not buy the links back to your site. Because the links you buy are of very low quality and most of them are never indexed by Google. So, that’s why I request you not to buy backlinks. Below is some reason which you have to know.

  1. They build low-quality Profile links.
  2. The spinning level of articles is very low.
  3. They do not take your task seriously.

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Instead, I recommend you to buy Guest Post links as these links which are most loved by Google. And one more reason to buy these kinds of links is, most of the sellers demand you an article, so if you give them a unique article or highly spun article then your backlinks are 100% Indexed by Google and they will be useful. Otherwise, you totally waste your time and money.

Is Buying Backlinks From Fiverr Safe or Not?

Actually, it’s a nice question. I will try to answer you slightly in a different way. When you are considering to buy a backlink from Fiverr, you will have to be cautious about the quantity the seller is providing. If you see 100 backlinks for just $5!!! Presume him a spammer or danger to you. But sometimes you can get some quality backlinks from Fiverr. it depends on your choice of seller.

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Hope you understood and now is your choice that Should you Buy Backlinks or Not 2017? If you still have any quarries feel free to comment below in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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