Some Tips on making Career in Fiverr as a Freelancer


Hi!! How are you? I am fine. Today I am sharing another topic. The name of the topic is: Some Tips on making Career  in Fiverr as a Freelancer.

I am Agniva Sihi, today I will give some tips about Fiverr from where you can easily make the gig and sell it from the market place. You may not have learned about Fiverr. Fiberr is a freelancing market place in where you can not bid for the client, client search the freelancer.  You just make a gig by mentioning your work. You can increase the possibility of this job if you have ability to convey and understand your work and presentation. You can earn money just like the Upwork/  In here, there are so many advantages. You cannot bid at night just like the Upwork/ Marketplace. According to Fiverr, if you make a video for 1 minute with the gig, then, the possibility of getting a job will 200% increase.  



 At first, you have to know the job. You will get all kinds of works. Such as: Graphics design, web Design, make Music, SEO, make Video etc. 

Here is a tune or tutorial for you guys that how to make a Video, How to make a gig, how to make an account.

  1. Business card design: Click Here 
  2. Business card design: Click Here   

There is completely a new page on Freelancer


Thank You Guys!!!