How to increase Crawl rate of a website?


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. Today I will share with you “How to increase Crawl rate of a website?”

The crawl rate of a website is an extremely important subject in case of search engine optimization(SEO). Because according to the search algorithm, being index how quickly a website will come in search result page will depend on the website’s crawl rate. If your blog/website is not crawled correctly, then you will see many articles on your website will not come on the result page of search engine. In case of this if you follow the correct rules then search engines will bring a website in a search engine’s page for a little.

Tips to Increase Google Crawl Rate Of A Website.


There are many types of techniques for increasing a website’s crawl rate and indexing post quickly. Normally search engine determines any website index and ranking through crawler and bots. Your blog/website’s tunes will come in search result page that time only when articles will be indexed correctly. Otherwise you have to visit for seeing your blog or blog’s tunes by typing wanted a link. Another side if your website’s crawl rate is good, then you will get maximum visitors through search engine easily without knowing nay address by indexing post. I mentioned some important topics below. Which will increase crawl rate of your website.


  • Regular post publish: If you can share the standard post one or two per day, then you will get maximum visitors in the blog, side by side search engine’s crawler will have been visited in your blog always. As a result crawl rate will increase and article will be indexed together.
  • Unique content: Any search engine wants standard and fresh unique content. Especially Google gives so much importance to unique content. If you can make a post by adjusting unique content, then the Google crawler will crawl your blog in interval of 5 minutes.
  • Sitemap submit: This is a very important subject. If you submit a blog’s sitemap in search engine then search engine will give clear concept about any blog. As a result of which it will help to index blog’s new contents in search engine.
  • Increase of Page’s rank: All search engines have value of page rank. Like we see a standard website as different sight, same search engine crawler also evaluates website of good page’s rank as differently. In case of this if you increase website’s page’s rank then your website’s crawl rate will be increased.
  • Copyright content: If you are an article publisher then it is a very important subject. Don’t copy articles and publish in your blog from others blog/website and in any situation. Then your blog’s value will be decreased to search engine crawler.
  • Increase Blog’s Load Time: It is better that how slam size’s picture (megabyte) and video can be used in the website. Because if your website’s size is big, in case of that search engine crawler will take a lot of time to crawl your website at the time of crawling. In this case not taking so much time in your website, it will go by ignoring it. It will also impact on your blog’s visitors.
  • Blocking unrequired page: Every website has their own personal page, which doesn’t need to show anyone or to index in search engine. There is no need to index search page in Google blogger and label page in search result. It is better to close this type of pages by using Robots.txt file.
  • Google crawl rate monitor: You can monitor your website’s crawl rate through Google Webmaster Tools. Then in which situation your blog’s crawl rate is, by understanding that it works according to Google’s advice and for this you can increase crawl rate.
  • Unique title and Meta tag: As the search crawler finds first a post’s title and Meta tag, that’s why every post must be made by adjusting standard keyword, side by side don’t mistake to write Meta tag also.
  • Image Optimization: In present time almost all search engine gives importance website and that site’s image also so much together. In case of this image optimization will keep helpful role correctly of a website’s crawl rate increase.
  • Use of Schema.Org Mark-up: It is very important internal SEO option. Though its subject doesn’t show from the outside, but this Schema.Org Mark-up Language will inform to search engine about any website’s theme elaborately.
  • Mobile Friendly Blog design: Recently, Google has demanded for making a mobile friendly website. Because now men fulfil their many computer related work through mobile. In spite of that, Google has declared in last April, 2016 that those who have no mobile friendly blog, in case of their blog/website SEO it will give adverse impact on them.
  • Sharing video: Recently, many webmasters have given advice about this subject. Many people of them have said a video can be shared inside post side by side article, then it has the possibility of increasing post’s importance to search engine. So I think it is better to share video in the article.

Last Word: If you follow the rules of the above correctly, then you will be able to increase any type of website’s crawl rate. When you will be able to increase your blog’s crawl rate then you will understand that search engine has crawled your blog always. And when a site’s crawl rate will get to increase then maximum visitor and ranking will be increased form search engine to that website.

Today is no more. I hope this article will work for you. Thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.