Secret Ways of Indexing Content Super Fast on Google


Get indexed your content super fast on Google is so easy only if you have a high authority site. But for the new bloggers it is really so hard to get indexed by Google because of very new site or poor authority sites. That’s why they used to fight hard to get it indexed fast.

Why everyone, especially the new bloggers wants to index their content faster?

As a pro blogger they want it cause they deserved it on the other hand it gives some psychological serenity too. The same psychological factor works on new bloggers too. Though they don’t have any high authority site, but they want every possible thing to their favor. One of the most other things works behind it cause sometimes they find themselves as the victims of content theft.

Secret Ways of Indexing Content Super Fast on Google

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To get indexed your site super fast on Google you have to follow some basic rules. Today I am going to tell you some secret ways of indexing content super fast on Google. So let me start.

  • Write Quality Content

Creating quality and authentic content are the very first thing which you have to do. Whenever you write content you have to make sure that your written content is clear, quality full, authentic, unique and easy to understand. You always have to write content for your valuable readers not for you or even a search engine.

You can’t copy from any other website. Do some research and give your best to produce high quality content. Try to enhance your post as much as possible, at least 500 plus word because both readers and search engine likes it.

Whenever you will start writing your content on a specific subject, try to write every possible thing, whatever you know about that specific thing. You have to go to the root of that specific thing.

  • Build Quality Backlinks

High quality backlinks play a major role to get indexed content super fast on Google or any other search engine. As a new blogger, you must build quality backlinks. Remember quality is better than quantity. So try to get backlinks from high authority site.

Don’t go only to do-follow backlinks, try to mix it up with no-follow backlinks as well. Also, you need to keep in mind that your most of the backlinks should have from relevant sites. You should never try to build backlink from those sites which are in another language. If you do that then Google can assume you that you are a spammer.

Here are some common ways of building backlinks which you can follow:

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Guest posting
  3. Forum posting
  4. Internal bloglinks
  • Sharing Content on Social Network

Social Network plays a vital role to get indexed content super fast. Statistics show that which sites are using social network are indexed faster than the others. Search engine like Google care those who has a strong network with social networking site.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter are some of the most popular social networking sites.

Tips: There is a very high chance to get indexed super fast if you share your content on Google plus.

There are a lot of the popular bookmarking sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Newsvine, MetaFilter and so on. You should submit your post link to these bookmarking sites whenever you write new content.

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  • Use Pingdom Tool

Whenever you write new content you have to use pingdom tool. It sends update or notification to the search engine that someone has written new content and waiting to get it indexed.

Ping-o-Matic is a great Pingdom tool and it’s easy to use. Just go Ping-o-Maric and enter your blog name, blog URL and click on check all the services and finally click on SEND PINGS.

That’s it.

  • Submit XML Sitemap

It is mandatory to use an XML Sitemap in your blog. You must create an xml sitemap and have to submit to Google through Google Webmaster Tool. Normally xml sitemap is created for Googlebot. It helps Googlebot to crawl your site easily. Create sitemap online for a static site.

  • Submit Your Blog URL to Search Engines

Finally, you have to submit your blog URL to Google. It is very important if you want to get indexed your site super fast. When you submit your url it notify Google to re-crawl your blog once again. From my personal experience I can tell you it is one of the best ways of getting indexed on Google super fast.

At first go to Submit URL and put your web url and submit request.

Very easy but effective. Isn’t it?

After following the above tips you I think your content should be indexed on Google fast.

In this post I have tried to share the Secret Ways of Indexing Content Super Fast on Google.

If you know some other way to get indexed site very fast, please share your ideas with me through comments.

Thank You…

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