How to write search engine friendly article?


Our editor Mr. Biswajit Das has written many articles about “SEO“. Today, we are going to teach you “How to write search engine friendly article?” – For your favourite blog “The Mental Club”. Before starting, we want to show you our SEO report. And how many visitors we get organically. See the screenshot below to know that how many visitors we get organically.

The Complete SEO Audit Report of THEMENTALCLUB.COM

Organic SEO Report

You can see, we get more than 80% visitors in an organic way from Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines. We’ve checked this report at

Search Traffic
What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine?

According to, our website gets more than 25% organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines.

search trafic

Total Metric according to Google Analytic.

total metric

Let’s come to the main topic.

How to write a search engine friendly article/post?

If your written articles have not shown by Google/Yahoo/Bing or other search engines on the search page (1st page), then your post/article has no value. People would not find your article. They could not able to read your writing. So, you’ve to write articles in a unique way. Every search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing likes unique articles. So, unique articles/unique post/unique content is the soul of every website.

  • Always write search engine friendly article title/heading

The post title is the main part of every article. At first write your article offline, then choose an SEO friendly title. Target a title, which people may use to search. In my previous article, I’ve written “6 Tips to Write Killer Blog Titles“. If you are writing directly on our blog/site, then please write the article title/post title first.

  • Target a keyword/Focus a keyword

You have to target a keyword/focus a keyword or you’ve to track a keyword – which people may use to search. Keep your target keyword/focus keyword in “Article Title/Post heading” – it is must. Try to keep this targeted keyword in the first sentence or in the second sentence, but must keep it within 156 characters. See the Google’s snippet preview below. Our target keyword/focus keyword is “How to write search engine friendly article“. We use this target keyword/focus keyword in everywhere in our article at least one time.

google seo snippet preview

  • Use of heading tag (H1, H2, H3)

Use of Heading 1 (H1) tag

On your website, we keep article title/post title in “H1” tag. (Also read, How to write a header tag (h1) for SEO?). Because, one heading (h1) tag is must for tracking your article. And “H1” tag is used to keep the title of the article. Don’t use “h1” tag more than one time in your article. We recommend to our author, not to use Heading 1 (h1) tag to their article on our website.

use of heading 1 tag

Use of Heading 2 (H2) tag

We highly recommend for using the “Heading 2 (H2)” tag. This is a very useful tag for SEO. Please use this tag at least one time. We recommend you for using the “Heading 2 (H2)” tag at least two or three times on our site.

use of heading 2 tag

Use of Heading 3 (H3) tag

H3 tag also an important tag. But, it is less important than (H2) tag. If you want to insert outbound links in your article, then you can use (H3) tag. Personally, our editor Mr. Biswajit Das use this tag to give the “Download Links” in his article. He has also used (h2) tag to give the link of “Rcommend articles“. Other heading tags are unnecessary. But, you can use for good looking.

use of heading 3 tag

  • Use Bulleted List or Numbered List

At least one list is very important. There are two types of list are available on our site. One is “Bulleted List (Unorder List)” and the other is “Numbered List (Order List)“.

  • Use Bold/Italic/Under Line Tag

Make bold/italic/under to these sentences/keywords which are very important for your article.

  • Write article within 300 to 700 words

Don’t write too short or don’t write too long. You know, we watch every movie within 2-3 hours.

  • Use unique image/picture

Image also very important for Google SEO. People can visit to your website through your website. So, to beautify your blog you must use at least one image in the blog post. The pro bloggers use images to send important news and information to the readers. You can also read this post about: “How to Write a Good Blog Post?“. Don’t forget to write SEO friendly image file name, picture title, ALT text and picture description.

seo friendly image

Practice without “SEO” plugins (This point only for the owner of website/editor/admin)

Best, if you practice without “SEO” plugins. Remember, “SEO” plugins never make your article search engine friendly. “SEO” plugins always helps to write a search engine friendly article. Maximum web developers/owner of WordPress site use “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin to write SEO friendly article. You can also use this plugin. Personally, we also use this plugin on our website.

Enjoy! Keep writing and get organic visitors.

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