How to Recover Deleted Contact from Android


According to Back Blaze, only 39% of smartphone users out of Android’s now 2 billion users backup their data on a computer or online. That too on an early basis. Most of us do not want to go through the hectic task of backing up data. It feels like the backup is for the techy guys. And we would not be doing something that will damage our data. Thus, creating a backup would be useless.

Android Contact Recovery with TunesBro Android Data Recovery Software

Percentage of smartphone users
Percentage of smartphone users

This sometimes backfires on us when we accidentally lose valuable data. Like your contacts, once you have deleted them there is no undo button like the one on your PC. Now, as you were without a backup. You cannot restore back your contacts. Now your next action might be to do a post on Facebook. Asking your friends, family, and co-workers for their contacts. That can cause a lot of embarrassment.

It turns out, you do not have to do that. The contacts that you have deleted, have a high chance to be somewhere deep in your database. That you cannot access using your File Explorer. Either you can root your phone and go in to search the heap of databases. Or you can try the methods mentioned below to recover deleted Android contacts.

Method 1: Use Google Account

Google Account is the most convenient option to manage your phone’s data online. Most probably you are already using one on your phone. Google generally asks permission to sync your data beforehand. It creates a cloud backup for you, as Google is also aware of the low number of people who keep a backup themselves. If you have deleted your contacts recently. There is a high probability that they will still be on your Google Contact’s contact list. If not, Google keeps a backup of your phone’s data up to 30 days.

Login with gmail

Step 1: Login to Google account: Login to your Google Account on your PC. And go to Google Contacts’ Website. If you find your deleted contacts there on the contact list. Then just sync your phone with your Google Account. Otherwise, let us proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Click “More” option on the left panel and click on “Undo Changes“.

Undo changes” option lets you revert your contact list back to the state it was in that time period.

Recover contact with google

Step 3: From dialogue box, select the time. And click confirm: Select the time you want to restore your backup from. The contact list will be restored to the state it was in at that time.

Step 4: Sync the Google Account with your phone.

Google Contact Backup

To sync the changes you have made to your Google Contacts’ contact list. Go to “Account” in the settings. Select your Google Account. And check the box for “Sync Contacts“.

Method 2: Use TunesBro Android Data Recovery:

TunesBro Android Data Recovery helps you to restore deleted contacts from the database of your Android Phone or SIM Card. It’s very simple to use. Just plug-in your phone, select the “Contacts” option and click “Recovery“. Your phone should be rooted to allow a deeper access to the database. It can even recover contacts even after you factory-reset your phone. It is free to use, you can download it here.

Step 1: Download and Install Android Contact Recovery:

tunesbro disklab for android

Step 2: Connect your phone via USB: Make sure USB debugging is switched on. And your battery is above 20% charge. You can switch on USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer Option.

Step 3: Select “Contacts” and click on “Next”

tunes bro desklab

Grant permissions it asks for on your mobile, if you have not given already (It will ask automatically).

Step 4: Recover your deleted contacts: A List of all the deleted contacts will be displayed on your screen. Select contacts you want to recover and click “Recover“.

tunesbro contact recovery

You have successfully recovered your contacts. From next time, it will be a good idea to create a backup beforehand. The most convenient way to back up your contacts will be syncing your phone regularly with your Google Account. It is always handy and you can recover your contacts from any device that has an active internet connection.

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