How to increase expiration date of Whatsapp


Do you have any Whatsapp account? Is your Whatsapp account is going to expire? Don’t want to pay money for using Whatsapp service? If your answer is yes then this post for you. Yes, now you can continue use your Whatsapp account without paying money. And I’ll show you how to increase expiration date of Whatsapp account?

How to increase expiration date of Whatsapp?

increase expiration date of Whatsapp

You know Whatsapp is a popular messaging app for smart phone. I think, I’ve need not to say something about Whatsapp. If you register on Whatsapp then you will get 1 year free service. But after 1 year means after expiring the trial period you have to pay some money, most probably USD$1. And if you want to use it for free then follow the steps below:

Increase expiration date of Whatsapp

Note: Please backup whatsapp data before increasing expiration date of whatsapp. These processes will work if it does not over the date of expiration.

Process 1: Backup and reset your smart phone. After resetting install new version of Whatsapp and restore the backup.

Process 2: If you have rooted smart phone.

Step 1: Delete the whatsapp account.

How to delete whatsapp account?

Note: If you delete your whatsapp account then you will be disconnected with your watsapp friends or joined groups. So your friends have to invite you again for joining groups.

Increase validity of Whatsapp

At first open whatsapp and go to Settings > Account > Delete my account.

Next: Tap to “Delete my account” option for deleting your account.

Next: Uninstall Whatsapp and restart your Smartphone.

Next: After restarting install the new version of whatsapp and register again by same mobile number.

Next: Now enjoy more one year free subscription for free.

Note: Sometimes it wouldn’t work on non-rooted smart phone. Although my phone is non-rooted, it is worked for me.

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