Which is your Perfect in Between Intal vs AMD?


Hi, How are you? I am fine. Today, my article is: Which is your Perfect in Between AMD vs Intel? Know the difference between Intel vs AMD Processor.

Intel vs AMD Computer Processor

Intel vs AMD

It would be wrong to say that the million dollar question. However, do not worry. At the end of the discussion, you will able to know the idea of INTEL / AMD and you get a sense of the type of task you are able to choose the right processor. Which is better and which is not, that is not arguing. The most expensive is the Intel processors. AMD is your budget processor. You can get all kinds of things at a low price in Intel, which you never dreamt that. However, there is a hitting problem with AMD and the ratio of dollar two performances are low in Intel. These two companies are some bad qualities. You will learn about the needs of yours. What do you want? These two companies are good. If you want the best gaming performance in your budget or you want the ultimate performance. This is your decision.

The topic of discussion will be the one thing I would think that this topic is very Complicated. This is actually a bit more complicated. Thread or Hyper thread a single core Intel’s technology, which provides the temporary power to single core as equal to the power of 2 cores. That is a virtual core with physical cores. But, in what purposes this thread / Hyper thread is useful, this is the real issue. Just consider the core of Intel’s low, but the very strong core. AMD has so many cores, but each core has low voltage, the somewhat weak.

intel vs amd processor

Now, what are the benefits the core of the physical and virtual cores? About gaming, it can be seen that the virtual + physical core is more useful than the common core. This means that the 4 -core processor and 4 thread is ahead than 8 physical cores. The reason is that for working the core the command was given through the software. When a core is associated with a thread or virtual core with the software then it can communicate more effectively than the physical core. For the entire quad-core Core, modern games on such Battlefield 4, WatchDogs, AC Unity utilize all cores. So, the use of the minimum core thread after use, they are the core to use a core thread. The software communicates well with the thread, so that the thread is to optimize the amount of more than one core. Bingo!! In the case of gaming, Intel Core i5 4 processor is equal to the AMD’s 8- core processor, and in some cases ahead of the same. But, all games are not CPU intensive or to optimize more the physical core, where AMD is ahead. For example, Battlefield 3. BF3 utilize the physical threat  than the physical or virtual cores. But, in the 70 % of cases, a dedicated or virtual core is ahead than physical core. Thanks to HYPER THREADING.

Now, come into multi tasking. You are browsing the internet, you must be listening songs. In the background, you convert the video. Oh my God! Skype or Yahoo messenger is on. And, there are so many background processes. In this condition, your most reliable thing is Physical Core. In this case, AMD is UNBEATABLE. Since, there are much more physical cores and cache memory in AMD, so in this case, multi-tasking is the most reliable thing. But, Intel will not get attention against the same price of 8 cores i5 and 8 cores Bulldozer. For editing, AMD will be your first choice.

Intel is again the case of serious video editing or rendering. Because the single, multi- thread which is completely utilized by the software. So, if the heavy render is done on Adobe Premier Pro, Maya, and Cinema 4D, then, your first choice should be Intel.

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