All Network SIM Own Mobile phone number check codes


Own Mobile phone number check codes: Mobile is a part and parcel of this modern world! You have a mobile, but can’t remember its number? Then you can know your SIM Card number with this easy trick! Check mobile number n

All Network SIM Own Mobile phone number check codes

Own Mobile phone number check codes
Own Mobile phone number check codes

How to check the mobile number for free (Any Operator)

Nowadays, most people use more than one SIM card. So, it’s natural for them to forget their own SIM card number. In those cases, you can easily get back your own number with the below trick for free!

Just type the following in your mobile and press send/call button.

Then you will be provided with your mobile number within a few seconds, for free! Check mobile number now…

 Own Mobile phone number check codes [All Network SIM]

1. Check Airtel own mobile phone number

*121*1# or *121*9#

2. Check Jio own mobile phone number

1. Install MyJio App

2. Open MyJio App & click on ‘Sign in with SIM’

3. Now you can see your Jio Number at the top of the screen

Note: Ensure your data is active on Jio SIM in your mobile to be able to ‘Sign in with SIM’.

3. Check Vodafone own mobile phone number


4. Check Idea own mobile phone number


5. Check Reliance own mobile phone number


6. Check BSNL own mobile phone number


7. Check Aircel own mobile phone number

*133# OR *234*4#

8. Check Tata Docomo own mobile phone number


9. Check (Telenor/Uninor) own mobile phone number


10. Check MTNL own mobile phone number


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