5 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones


Hi friends how are you? Today’s my article gives you some information. The name of the article is 5 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones.

Do you remember the day when you spent the whole day without your mobile phone. Unfortunately, last 2 days I spend full time without my cell phone. But I have a laptop, it helps me always. When my phone creates the problem, that time my laptop gives me full support.

I think that no one can be stay without a mobile phone. Can you imagine it? Do you spend a full day without your phone? Don’t think, try it. Today, I will tell you 5 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones, which gives you a surprise.

5 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones

5 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones

Now let us see the amazing facts about mobile phones.

1)  What do you know about Nokia (1100 Model) Phone? Do you use this phone? This Nokia Phone is the world’s best selling electronic gadgets. This phone has sold more than 50 million times  yes, more than 50 million times.

2) When you use a mobile phone to keep one thing in your mind, you go to the toilet, then you face so many bacteria and when you use a mobile phone then you give company to 18 times more bacteria.

3) Only in Britain, every year, 1 million phones go down in toilet from people hand.

4) In the year of 1983, America 1st use world’s first Smartphone. This was a touch screen phone. That time, its price was only 4 thousand dollars.

5) How much money do you pay for mobile bills in a month? Celina Aarons has taken the no 1 position for mobile bill payment, She has made it a world record. She paid her mobile bill 1 lakh 4 thousand pounds in a month. Read the full history behind this billing amount

Celina Aarons: ‘My life is over:’ Shock at $200,000 phone bill in ROAMING charges – after holiday texting bonanza

Celina Aarons

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