Learn a few things before buying a Smartphone



You are requested to think about what type of Smartphone you will buy. The weight of the mobile phone is large as compared to the size of the mobile phone.  The weight of the mobile phone is also heavy due to the battery.

before buy a smart phone

Screen Size:

Although the large Screen mobile phones are popular, but if you want to carry easily, then you should take small screen mobile.

The Quality on Display:

When buying a Smartphone, then it is necessary to watch the quality of the screen. Best quality display 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) phones are very expensive. It should be noticed before buying that you must watch that is the picture is clear or not from different angles. However, the general quality of mobile display is less than 720 – P.

Operating System:

Today’s most popular operating system is android, iOS 7, Windows etc. Please choose the smartphone before buying. Because the operating system is determined on the basis of all the activities of the phone.


Everything will be better as compared to the higher price of mobile phones. However, if another version of the same model on the market comes very soon then you must think twice before buying it, in fact is it give you any advantage or not.

The Power of the Battery:

The quality of the mobile phone depends upon the power of the mobile phones. However, the large screen and powerful battery are very necessary. And now the 3000 mAh battery is the highest power battery.


Without Bluetooth you do not share anything with others’. So you must watch the Bluetooth system in your phone before buying.

Try to take 2 GB RAM:

RAM brings the fastest in phones. So, you must try to take 2 GB Ram on your phone. But, modern phones have brought3 GB RAM on the market.

Wireless Charging:

Without the cable, the management of charging is not essential. So, in the places where the plugs are not available, there wireless charging is very much essential.

3G OR 4G:

In our country (India) 4G connection is just available. It totally depends on the speed of the data connection. The speed of 4G connection is very high. So, I suggest you guys to buy those smart phones in where 3G or 4G connection system is available.


Use Bar, Popular Review and Rating site:

If you use the internet then you must visit various websites. But, from malware you must visit popular review and rating site.


Accessories are provided with all phones. However, you do not need to choice phones by watching the accessories. Smart accessories look quite interesting. The accessories of the best quality phones are quite good.

Thank You