Now, Use trail Software for Life time by just 1mb software. This Software is much needed for all time (100% useful)


How are you? Hopefully, you guys are well.

Now, use trail software for life time by just 1 mb software.

Name: Time Stopper

Licence: Portable.

Platform: Windows

We always use the free software. For this, you have to use crk software. For using crk, there is a risk of virus. Sometimes, we get success or sometimes we do not get success. To get rid of this, I will share a software by which you can use the trial software for lifetime.

How do you use it?

Let’s watch the video:

Download this software from the below:

Now open the software.

From C drive, you can increase the validity the trail period of software and show the exe file of the software.

Now, set the date and if the date of your system is 02-06-2016, then give the date 03-06-2016.

Give the shortcut name:

Click on the “Create Desktop Shortcut”.


Download Here:

Alternative Link:

N.B: In the download site, for downloading, click on the “Create download link” and I alternative link, uncheck the tick sign from “Use our download manager” and click on the download button if that shows. Or use Download manager and you can download it from download manager.

Please, leave your comments if you like it or also leave your comments if you don’t like it. You can ask me about the shared software.