Keep your USB Drive as a Folder in Windows


Most of the time to stay away from the use of a USB Drive from others or for sharing or you can hide it if necessary. With this you can use USB Drive as a folder. If you want to keep USB Drive in ‘D’ Drive [D:] then make a folder with the name of USB in ‘D‘ Drive. For that ‘D‘ Drive must be NFTS. Now connect USB with computer and going to run (Windows+R), write diskmgmt.msc then Enter. After that Disk Management will be open. Here you will see all Drive with USB.

How to convert a Pen Drive to a Folder?

how to convert a pendrive into folder

Suppose, here USB is in [H:] drive. Now click Change Drive Letter and Paths after clicking the right button of the mouse on ‘H‘ Drive, then a dialogue box will come with the name of Change Drive Letter and Pathos for ‘H‘. Now click ‘Add‘ button and then come Mount into the following empty NFTS folder. Then click ‘Browse‘ button of it and show USB folder of ‘D‘ Drive (D:/USB) and then click “Ok” and again click “Ok“. After that to delete main drive, selecting “H:” delete by clicking on “Remove” button. From now, if you connect USB Drive with computers, then nothing will be shown. You will read, write or delete all data of your USB Drive from D:/USB.

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