How to take screenshots as GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) on Windows?

From Now, Screenshots will neither Video nor Photo, make it direct GIF Animation.

Today, I will show you a funny thing. So, don’t waste your time and watch it.

Today, I will show you how will you take screenshots of anything as a photo? Now, you may tell me that is it any learning thing? You can do it by “Snipping Tool“. Yes, I know it. But, which I will show you that it is an animated photo.

Let’s have a look that how do you do it?

Gif Cam

First of all, download this software from the below link:

Download GifCam for Free from the official website

Now unzip the file and open it.

# Now, click on the Record button in where you will take the screenshots. Now, move the software.

# Then stop it and save it.

# Open the photo and watch that your photo has animated already.

Gif Cam

To get this kind of so many software, you click on this link:

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