List Of 15 Amazing Cool Websites That Will Attract Your Attention


Hello! Friends, Today I am going to discuss a very interesting topic about 15 Amazing Cool Website which will definitely entertain you. There are so many people who are using the internet for Facebook or for watching the YouTube or someone is using the Internet for freelancing. There are very few people who are using the Internet for knowing about the Internet. From now, they can learn so many things or can get so many fun.


However, I have given so many knowledge. I am sorry for that. Another thing is that you must share good things with the others. Now, come to the point. Now, I am bringing some of the wonderful websites which the main task to wonder somebody.  So If you want to learn about that website, how to use those, but don’t know where to start, Just read on…! So let’s see the websites.


15 Amazing Cool Website


1। http://hackertyper.comThis is a website where everything you write after entering will be converted to hacking code. and After pressing the ALT key will give access granted message.


2। This website is an advance design website. After entering this website wherever you put your mouse pointer It remembers, and someone will show with your finger where it was. It’s really amazing. Just go to the website and have fun.


3। https://ninite.comThis website has all the applications for the Windows operating system, select the application you need, download the ninite file, run the file. The application will be automatically downloaded and installed.

Fakename generator

4। http://www.fakenamegenerator.comFrom here, you can generate the fake names of any country.

Yotube TV

5। you can watch YouTube videos like TV.

10 Minute Mail

6। https://10minutemail.netFrom this website, you can generate a fake named email address for 10 minutes.


7। http://archive.orgHere you can see the history of any suspended website.


8। http://www.liveatc.netHere you can listen to live air traffic control.


9। https://www.flightradar24.comFrom this website, you can track the Aeroplane live.


10। You can see live hacking from this website.


11। https://namechk.comYou can check whether any domain name is available from here.


12। http://zoomquilt.orgHere you can zoom infinitely here.

Kickass app

13। You can destroy any website from this website.

Windows 93

14। http://www.windows93.netFrom here you can go back to windows93. Take a look at the Windows 93.


15। http://app.thefacesoffacebook.comAfter entering this website you can see the picture, click on any picture and go directly to its Facebook profile.

LastWord: So Here the list of 15 cool websites given below which will helps your any daily business work. If You like this article don’t forget to comment below.

Thank You!