What is Search Engine Marketing and why?


Blog’s success will not come in life ever without blog marketing. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Google is the number one search engine. Technical lovers are completely inactive without Google. So to get success in search engine marketing, you have to write unique articles. You have to write many big or informative articles. Because you know content is king for each and every website. Also, Read “How to write SEO friendly article?

Learn Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Once upon a time, web pages come in the first page of the Google search very easily by the backlinking trick, but that day dinosaur had eaten that. Yes, still now backlink carries importance but Google understands which SEO is and which spam is. Google is not full like me and you. The Google is smarter than us. Remember, success doesn’t come very easily, to get that the peoples have to wait for more. Search engine marketing is not the work of 7/5 days. Rather it is a lengthy and running process.

Which are totally not in search engine marketing:

Language: The language of your blog is one but you did backlink of another language with the same website. Let give an example, suppose your blog is made of Bengali language but you did backlink of English language with the same website. Never will be done these.

The Involvement: Your blog is made with which subject, you have to do the backlink with all that blog. Where your topics are discussed. Suppose, your blog has been made on SEO tutorial but if you do backlink with programming with which blog has made then your site will face many troubles.

Keyword: Many people does what, they keep page full with keywords. Brother Google has been closing all this before many time. There is no profit by stuffing all this keyword, you will not rank, and Google will be ready to take the penalty for this. So be careful, never do this.

Page Rank: There is no low-quality type page rank or no page rank totally in any blog, then never back link with all that blog.

Link: It will be not like that if you will tell just about yourself in your blog. You have to give some external link. But the quality of which site is very bad then do ‘no follow‘ on that. <a> set this tag inside tag rel=”no follow”. Then search engine will not follow this link. External link will not be there so much on your site and it will be not like that if the external link will be not there totally. Link internal inside your blog. Give link some others articles links in one post. Give 4/5 internal link in one post, there is no loss if you give so much. But don’t disturb to your visitors by giving so much internal link.

There are many profits in it, in the case of the rank, it will play which role like that your bounce rate will decrease much. And for this internal link, your blog’s average time will increase. Google follows theory in the following.

CTR+Bounce rate+Average Time=Rank

Directory: Many people add their website in several directory submission sites, but if you get massive visitors from all this directory submission site then add otherwise don’t add. Google doesn’t like this.

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