History of Computer and its Types


Today, my article is: History of Computer and its Types.

There are so many types of computers. Throughout most of the computer’s size, functionality, matters relating to input-output system. According to the Scriptures, that the device contains a microprocessor is called a computer. But, we know the computer is actually a special type of device. According to our limited knowledge, we know that computer is just a device which has a mouse, keyboard and through which we input data through mouse and keyboard. And to see the output we use a monitor. There is a laptop or desktop computer that comes to mind. But, is the computer has really a limitation in a laptop or desktop? I will not answer this question now. Just read this tune and spread the knowledge to others.  I will be informed about the different types of computers and their work. So let’s get started. 

Personal Computer-PC


Generally, which computer is made for using personal works and for only one user, is called Personal Computer, shortly we called PC. Yet, the Apple Mac is a personal computer, but, the people think that in which computer the Windows operating system is installed, then, it is called PC. What a ridiculous thing! However, personal computers as well as PCs were first known only as microcomputers. Because it’s such a small place the device so that large systems can be used for large jobs.


There are so many types of Personal Computer. But, the mouse, keyboard, CPU box and monitor may not there. The iPods of Apple is a proper example of the Personal Computer. Do you understand this subject?

Desktop- Computer


The PC which was designed to be portable is called Desktop- Computer. The main purpose of the desktop is to keep it permanently in a specific place. Most desktop computers take up more power (energy) and take up more space for the desktop computers, but, the components of the desktop and the price of the desktop is cheap.




The laptop computer is called a notebook. Generally, a laptop computer is a portable computer package in which computer processor, memory, hard drive, display, keyboard, pointing device, battery etc. all equipments are uniformly inserted between a hard shell.



A Netbook is an ultra- portable computer that is smaller than traditional laptop computers. It is not only smaller in scale than laptops, but it will drive less power than is required. Moreover, the prices are lower than the laptop.


Personal Digital Assistant or PDA


Personal digital assistant or in short PDA which is a small-sized computer and it stores the data by using flash memory instead of a hard disk. Generally, the computer does not contain any of the conventional keyboards. Instead, the computer has a modern touch screen. The computer, in the form, is small is equal to approximately one chest pocket, and it is very light but a powerful battery to drive is used. Dell’s shown in the figure below is of a PDA.




 Workstation is one of the desktop computers. However, it is much more powerful than conventional desktop computers. It has a more powerful processor, more memory and facilitates the work of the special. Workstation mainly is the 3 -dimensional gaming. So many complex works are done by workstations including game development.




With the assistance of a computer network that can provide services to other computers is called Server. The server computer has a powerful processor, lots of memory and a large hard drive capacity.


Mainframe Computer


Mainframe computer is a gigantic in size that is required to deploy a large room. It is required much more energy to drive. However, it has a wide range in the case of work. These computers are used as the enterprise server.


Super Computer

The supercomputer is a computer that can work simultaneously with multiple high quality computers. However, single supercomputers are also available in the market. The only problem is that, the purchasing of this supercomputer is out of range for ordinary people. Because, each super computer costs about a million dollars. At the present time, the most familiar and best supercomputer is the computers of made by Cray Supercomputer. 


Wearable Computer


The present and future revolutionized computer is Wearable Computer. They are designed in such a way so that you use it with your clothing, glasses. However, only the basic works can be done by these computers. Such as e – mail, database, multimedia, calendar, etc. 


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