Will computer work fast million times by using the Atomic processor in future?


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Nowadays, small computers have become the strongest day by day. The cell phone has the best computing skill than computer before 50 years, which was equal to house in size. It is required that day by day reducing the size of the computer and increasing the efficiency of work together and here stands a massive problem.

The Future Of Computing.


I had said in a post in which there are discussed about story of computer processor, the computer’s processor is made by adjusting millions transistors. Now we need fixing more transistors in the same processor for making advanced processor and for this it needs—making smaller the size of a transistor.

So if we want to make smaller and stronger computer than today, then we have to make computer in a complete new process.


Because to make smaller the size of transistor, one time each transistor will be formed in an atom shape- and, then the computer could not work such thing which it does now. But this atomic processor will give birth a new computing technology, and it will be called quantum computing, which processor will work very fast million times than any high power computer of today. Feeling funny to listen this, isn’t it? Yes, more fun will be found if we can know its details. So let’s know this, what does quantum computing work and how to work it?

How to work today’s common computing?


What do you think about your computer? You may think, it is an electronic instrument, which remains on the table or on the bed-with this you can send email, shop online, chat with his friends or you can play games on it. But in real your computer is much more than it or which you think it is much less than that. What, it is like mad to hear, isn’t it? Your computer is much more than your thinking, because it is a machine which is made for any normal work. In other word, virtually you can do almost everything with it. Or your computer is much less than your thinking, because its work process is a little bit more developed than normal calculator.

Today’s common computers complete two works and fill your computing demand. One is, it can store any number in memory and it can make normal processing among these numbers (like adding or subtracting). Or making haphazard any number with each other and making mathematical problem, it can also solve from that- and it is called an algorithm. The computer has these two main works, storing numbers and processing number, the computer completes these with the help of a switch, which name is the transistor.

Setting transistor in your house wall, you can think it microscopic version of the switch, which helps to switch on or off the fan in your house. Transistor which remains in computer processor or memory and switching it on or off, any number is preserved in it. Flowing electricity in any transistor if it is made on, then it preserves (1) and it preserves also (0) if the transistor is offed. And using any long row of this 0 or 1, any number or letter or symbol is preserved and this process is called binary process (so computer preserves capital letter A as 1000001 and small letter a as 01100001).

Each 0 or 1 is called a binary digit or a bit and it is possible to preserve 255 different letters in a row of eight bits (like A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and normal symbols). Using which circuit, today’s computers calculate, it is called logic gates, which is made by uniting many transistors. The biggest problem of common computer of today is it is depended on common transistors. Though I don’t think it makes a cause of any problem, but when it will be seen differently then actual problem will be noticed. There is no problem with processor of big size, but when you will want to make any strong processor equal to your hand’s finger then the problem will come in front of you.


So let’s discuss about the actual point of this problem. The wish of preserving more information together in the same place means increasing more transistor with name of preserving 1 and 0 together. Common computers of today can work only one thing at one time. How complicated work you will try to solve with any computer, computer will take that much steps and time to do that work. We would to compute more of previous computer than current computer and they used to waste more power. But today’s computers have become stronger and we have made them to work more. Now the main problem is though we have shorted these transistors according to our wish, but to make these small, one time its size will make equal to an atom. And when transistors will be turned in an atom, then using the same process on that, switching on or off will not be possible. And for this we will need quantum computing.

What is Quantum Computing?

If you study with light, then you know definitely few thing about Quantum theory of physics. Quantum theory is that branch of physics where atoms and smaller molecules which is situated in atom are discussed. You know, of course that, sometimes a light ray behaves such way that, through which it seems that light ray is formed with small atom or many times it seems light ray flows and comes through a wave in the air. And it is called wave particle duality,  it is such a concept which we get find from the quantum theory of light.

Experiencing it is very hard work that, there is such a thing which is sustained two forms in same time (atom and wave) because there is no such thing in our daily lives really. A car does not sustain forms of a bicycle and a bus together. But such mad concept is available in quantum theory. The best deceptive example of quantum theory is familiar with the name of Schrödinger’s cat here, it has been said in short, that it imagines such a curious world of quantum theory where a cat is live or died together.


But now the question is, how this riddle and utopian matters are related with computer? Well, now think, we have made the size of a transistor from small to smaller day after day. But thus to become smaller when its size will stand equal to an atom, then it can’t be on or off in this way, in which way it is done in today’s conventional processor. Because never flow can’t be stopped or continued with electric in an atom. At this time transistors will be stayed in such a situation where in same time that’s are on and off. But now the biggest question is, will it be made possible in real? If it is possible, then massive and advanced computing concept will be unlocked,  which you can’t imagine still today. In future we will need a definite quantum computing because today’s computer lose energy the most to preserve of the process each bit inside it. And for this computer become hot and lose so much energy. So of course we need a computer of new concepts.

Quantum + Computing = Quantum Computing:

Any normal computer of today acts on bit, logic gate, and algorithm. There will be same features in computer also, just in the place of normal computer bit there will be quantum bit or qbit, which will act in a different way specially. Where a bit can preserve only one 1 or one 0, there qbit can preserve one 1 or one 0 or both 1 and 0 together or unlimited number between 1 or 0-in other word it can preserve more value at the same time.

If you think this theory utopian, then think about light, that’s how it can move with the shape of an atom and a wave together. Or think about Schrödinger’s cat, which is live or died together or see thick, about such a car which is cycle or bus together. How qbit will preserve more numbers together, for taking the same example on this topic, perfect example will be the concept of superposition of physics. According to this concept, uniting two waves, it creates a new wave and this third wave carries first and second waves together.

Let’s go for understanding this easily, wonderful example can be taken. If you try to play a flute, then see inside that flute’s pipe a permanent wave stays from before: there are all types of wave in this permanent wave. When you have a mix wave with each other by breathing in flute, then already present in the flute and mixing with each other it creates a new wave. Like that it can preserve more value same with qbit’s super position concept.

As quantum computer can preserve more numbers together at the same time, so it also can be processed at the same time more than one. As a result of quantum computing, there will be no need to complete any process one after one. Rather, it will work parallel together. So if a quantum computer works parallel, then it will be possible to do work million times faster than any common computers of today… if we can discover quantum computer!

Last word:

We may see in future quantum computer and quantum computing will help to change our present computing experience totally. I know today’s topic was very confusing. And presenting any subject easy from a very complicated thing is very hard work. I don’t know have I able to enter this total subject clearly in your head or not-but I have tried my level best. You can comment on the following that if you have any confusion still now about quantum computing. I will definitely reply.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.