What is traffic? The description about traffic


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What is traffic? [Lesson 1]

Traffic means visitor, it is an English word. Many people don’t know about traffic, that’s why I wrote about this. Actually, traffic is which thing, a visitor is that thing also. If ‘X’ person enters in your blog or website, then ‘X’ person is a traffic or visitor.

Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic

The description about traffic

Let’s get back to main work, those who works in website or blog, all they know how much the value of that visitor. A website can be called dead without visitors. Less of the people open blog for their interest but most of the people open blog for their income, but income can’t be done without visitors. If there is no visitor then there is no income. Suppose, visitors of your website are 1 lakh, then it can be said that you can earn 400-500 dollar or 30-35 thousand rupees per month at ease. So you have understood that how much the value of visitors. I have seen many blog or YouTube that there is no such tutorial of getting visitors. So I thought I must write an article about this. I don’t know how many things I have written perfectly but if there is a mistake you see then please inform me. See at the end of this article to contact me.

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