How To Find My Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number?


Hello, guys! how are you all? Hopefully, you are well. Today I am going to describe to you, what is IMEI number?, How do you find your stolen phone using IMEI number? and How to track the IMEI number? So, if your phone has been stolen by someone then you may read this article to get back it. By reading this article you can also be more secure about your phone. So, just read on.

How To Find My Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number?

How To Find My Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number

What is IMEI Number? The full form of the IMEI is “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. So many peoples have a misconception that IMEI number is used only for your mobile. But, it is not right. IMEI number is a number free on all devices. You are using the notebook and you are using the modem which has 15 numerical value. IMEI determines the status of every device. When a device is connected to the cellular network, then it connected through IMEI.


You will also see the IMEI number in the bill of the phone, in the phone box, and in the back part of the phone or go to the dial pad of the phone and just make a call *#06# and will watch the IMEI number.

How Do You Track The Stolen Phone? Follow Steps


If your phone is not a smart phone, and if it is a general feature phone, then it is difficult to track it yourself. If your this type of phone has stolen, then go to the police station and write a diary and after writing a diary, just do a photocopy of its diary and submit the photocopy to the SIM provider company and get back your SIM or you can lock your SIM by calling to the customer care. You can also track the location of your stolen phone if you give your IMEI number and when your phone is connected to the network, the information will get the customer care.

If your mobile is a smart phone, then don’t think, let’s see how do you track your phone if your phone is lost? Or what are the steps you have taken to track your phone if your phone might not harm? If your phone is android and if your mobile is lost or steal, then from you have to go dashboard from the device manager.

Suppose, all of you using Android. So, how do you track your android phone after taking your Android phone or take other steps which can protect your privacy? First of all, you have to log in your device manager. You have watched the screenshot in below in where we sign up into the Play Store through your email.


Now, you have to click on the Manage Active Device and then go to the “Device Manager”. After going, if your phone is online, and if your phone’s GPS mode is also online, then you can easily track your phone if your phone is stolen. If you don’t track your phone, then lock your phone because nobody can watch the data of your phone.



Now, you have to go Manage active of your device and just click on this option. After going on this option, if your phone is online and if your phone’s GPS mode is on, then you will easily find out your phone. If you cannot track your phone, then you can lock your phone or nobody can watch this.

Moreover, if you face a problem, then you can delete the data of your phone, as a result, the data of your phone will delete and your contents will be secured. And if your phone is in silent mode, then log in your device manager and from there you can give the command of the ringtone of your phone. By giving this command, your phone will tone in the highest tone as you find out your phone more easily.

Moreover, if it is not possible to reach in that place then you lock the phone and you can connect the message to your lock screen that your phone has stolen and get back your phone just make a call in this number: just like this message.

What do you do if your phone is stolen and if you have not any IMEI number?

Stolen Phone

How To Find My Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number? If you do not do this through device manager, then the possibility of finding your phone is very difficult. Now, you have to go at Police station and have to report about it, now if you have not your phone’s IMEI number, then you cannot report.

If you have not your IMEI number, then you can easily find out the IMEI number from the Device manager. Now, go to the Google dashboard and will watch the IMEI number of your phone.

Now, a question may come in your mind that IMEI number cannot track your phone perfectly. So, why is this needed? It is essential to carry your phone’s identity and you can block your phone if you want to do this and nobody can use your phone. Moreover, you can also change your IMEI number, but it is depended on the rules and regulations of that particular country.

You have to be rooting your phone for changing the IMEI number. But the system may differ from one another. You may get success or you may not. So, friends, I have already told what do you do after stealing your phone. I have already told that. Now, you have to the Police station.

Conclusion: Hope you like this article and this is very helpful to you getting some important tips about How To Find My Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number?. If you have any issue related to this topic then you may leave your valuable comment below on the comment section. Now, it totally depends on the Police what will they do. Thanks for reading my tutorial.