What is cloud hosting and why do we use it? Its features


In present extraordinary Cloud hosting or computing has become orient and famous juxtapose SSD hosting in the world. Before using web hosting of normal hard disk hosting user used to lead a website. But in present now using normal hosting has decreased day by day because SSD hosting users have used this only by seeing it’s speed. SSD hosting has captured place quickly, everybody wants to see web site’s speed because of this site visitor can visit site easily. And SSD hosting is quicker 20 times than normal hosting, you have understood in this how much quicker is SSD hosting than normal hosting. In this article, I will tell you the benefit of the cloud hosting why do we use cloud hosting and what is the cloud hosting. What are the advantages of cloud hosting?

Do you know, what is cloud hosting and why do we use it?


But in the present time if you see hosting company of foreign countries, moving from normal hard disk hosting they have captured the market with SSD hosting and cloud hosting. But in our country without few hosting, rest hosting provider has said with normal hosting that SSD hosting is super-fast and the server is not down, all it will say. Because to upgrade their hosting many rupees will need and in SSD hosting price will need more than normal hosting. In spite of this, for many trouble hosting provider can’t do it.

Anyway, at present, for keeping more speed your site, there is no alternative of SSD hosting. In spite of this, I have seen in my own experience, those who make new site within a few months and bringing good visitor and makes that site big slowly, then they want to go by moving cloud hosting in cloud VPS, SSD VPS and dedicated server but they can’t. Why they can’t do because the budget of the customer is low, it is weak from a technical side, if which is taken for better etc. And several subjects.

cloud-hosting (1)

So if there is so much visitor on your site, it is problem to take load in site, If visitor is much more than server gets down, have you found good hosting for new eCommerce or affiliate site, are you wanting Adsense blog, you need hosting for social spiffy site, there is cloud hosting for an institution or personal android app and software development in your business.

Now come to know what is cloud hosting?


Cloud hosting is such a hosting technology in the present where a special kind of hosting system is made to combine many servers, where all servers use same type hardware and software.

Mainly because of working together on all servers in the cloud server, it can support huge memory, clock speed and processor speed, for this hosting, website is much faster in cloud hosting. If there is any problem because of many servers in cloud hosting, then the website will stay online. There is no downtime of cloud hosting virtual.

Another hosting system is shared or dedicated which depends on only one hosting machine or server Jack. To ensure the safety of cloud hosting by many servers. Like that cloud hosting technology give easily permission of extra space or jam for increasing prosperity of the website.

But in present cloud cluster technology’s extra modern reason is there are many servers in the cloud cluster, which have been loaded at the same type of hardware and software. For this cloud hosting gets more speed, dependable, flexible and it has no downtime.

Now you have to understand that cloud cluster hosting is best and speedup than standard cloud hosting and VPS.

Features of cloud hosting:

Generally, combining of many servers in cloud server created the special system, because of the high speed and resource some special advantage is getting off it. Which you can’t get in other hosting technology. Advantages were discussed in below.

#1. Dependability:

Cloud depending is more dependable from shared hosting. Because in shared hosting particular or a little bit resource has been divided in hosting site of that shared hosting. But being different each server in the cloud hosting, it is sure any pressure can’t effect other server performance.

#2. Load balancing and flexibility:

Cloud hosting can take more load and balance because there is an extra jam in all this server, for this load of this effect on all servers, not by on any particular server or machine. Load balancing and flexibility of it is more.

#3. Virtual no downtime:

By matching jack of countless server in cloud hosting is created together huge hosting system. For which all servers of cloud cluster are imagined as each node. If between this any problem happens in coss, a node or it destroys yet server will not down, hosting will stay in online or uptime by the left node, downtime will not be done.

#4. Security:

In cloud hosting, your all data will be safe. Because in countless server information extend through extra storage, for which, if there any problem in storage then all information will save or safe through other storage.

#5. Affordable Price:

Cloud hosting is more about affordable price than a managed VPS and dedicated server.

Why you use cloud hosting?

You have understood that by seeing the features of cloud hosting that why cloud hosting should be used?

Using same hardware and software in countless server and servers of cloud hosting, hosting is super-fast.

If your site’s visitor increases suddenly in the condition of shared hosting or suddenly hosting resource increases, then shared hosting can’t take that load. Because resource limit of shared hosting is done. It is not in the cloud hosting because the resource is limited in it like I/O UGES, Swap memory and memory.

In present many people have made good E-Commerce or worked in E-Commerce platform like spiffy, social commerce etc. is very important for cloud hosting. Server speed and uptime is very essential for this site or platform.

In present time many people use several Android, iPhone app use and these are appropriate for all kinds of the web application. Because it needs good resource and several kinds of settings for the web application which has in cloud hosting.

Mainly there is no virtually down time in cloud hosting. Because of using countless cloud hosting server, the server doesn’t down for any node or server problem or preservation. It is updated always by the left server.

Data is safe in the cloud hosting because of server problems if the data are deleted, then it gets through snapshot and backup from other servers.

Cloud hosting is an affordable price. Because when someone in his heavy traffic and heavy content wants to go with VPS or dedicated from shared hosting, that can’t go for so much budget or price. Because the monthly price of a good unmanaged VPS is 35-45 dollars and for managing this VPS cPanel needs surely, the monthly price of cPanel is 25 dollars, the total price is like 60-65 dollars. In spite of this, it needs to manage the more technical thing, which everybody can’t do. We forget about dedicated server which price is more than that. The annual price of cloud hosting will be done by half price of VPS monthly price.

Many people think to lead cloud hosting it needs to know the more technical thing, but it doesn’t need to know to use cloud hosting. Easily you can work with cPanel in cloud hosting.

Now come to know about Control Panel of Cloud Hosting:

Many cloud hosting provider say that it doesn’t give cPanel in cloud hosting, their own cloud control gives panel. But it has no base about that, through cPanel cloud clustered hosting can be led. Cloud hosting leading is very easy through cPanel from cloud panel. There are many advanced tools which are not in cloud panel.

Other Cloud Control Panel

cPanel Cloud Control Panel
It has no URL redirects. It has URL redirects.
It has no auto-responders with start/stop dates. It has auto-responders with start/stop dates.
It has no SpamAssassin white and blacklists. It has SpamAssassin white and blacklists.
It has no Sub-domains and redirects. It has Sub-domains and redirects.
It has no Account level email filtering. It has Account level email filtering.
It has no Set up SPF records. It has Set up SPF records.
It has no One click install. It has click install.
Not Easier to setup sub-domains Easier to setup sub-domains
It has no Webalizer stats. It has Webalizer stats.


The pictures of the other cloud control panel and cPanel cloud control panel:

Other Cloud Control Panel

Other Cloud Control Panel

CPanel Cloud Control Panel

cPanel cloud hosting
CPanel Cloud Control Panel

In spite of this cPanel has many options but cloud control panel has not so much. In cloud control panel there is totally a few CMS installer, but in cPanel you can install 300+scripts. The cloud control panel is complicated, in which shared hosting cPanel is used, for that it will get the problem. So using cloud hosting with cPanel is the best to use.