How do you convert your blog into an Income Machine?


Once upon a time, blogging was a type of stubborn. It was very difficult to come online and it was so costly, but the profit did not get. But, all settings have changed in recent years. Now, the internet has changed into the daily necessary things from curiosity. Now, the communication system has turned into a part of our life which at a time we never thought about it. The internet has turned into a position in where the people can earn thousands of dollars at home. In below, I have discussed about 5 strategies which you apply in your blog and make it an income machine.

Convert your blog into an Income Machine

convert your blog into an Income Machine

#1. You put PPC Ads in your blog: Earn online from PPC (Pay Per Click) ads blogging. The easiest way to monetize your blog is to give advertisement on your blog. It does not mean that you will earn thousands of dollars in every month by giving the advertisement. But, some short methods will help you to earn good income from your blog. You may use various types of advertisement in your blog as you wish, for example: Text Link Ads, Banner Ads, and Pop-up Ads etc. The visitors when click on the advertisements, then you may earn a certain amount of money. But, it depends on the amount of income, the numbers of the visitors, the rate of the click, the advertise company, and the amount of the visitors.

#2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing promoted by Affiliate Product is almost like a Direct Ad, but the two things are not the same. In here, you have to write about promoting things instead of using Ad space as the visitors buy those things after reading the articles. If they buy those things, then you will get a certain amount of commission on per product. ShareASale is a trusted organization for Affiliate Marketing. Those bloggers earn huge money per day whose have so many visitors by doing affiliate marketing. The main success key of the world’s number 1 blogger Harsh Agrawal’s success on his site Shoutmeloud is Affiliate Marketing. You can get 10%-30% as a commission on per product for buying products by doing Affiliate Marketing. As an example: suppose your blog is made in the recipe for cooking. You give an affiliate link of pressure cooker. The price of the cooker is 2,500. Now, suppose a visitor has bought a cooker following the affiliate link. If you get 10%, then the amount of money is: 10% of 2500 i.e.: 2500*10= 25000/100=250 /-. In this way, if 5 visitors have bought 5 products, then the amount of commission: 250*5= 1250/. But, if you have not huge visitors, then you do not earn money.

Affiliate Marketing Online

#3.  Earn online selling own staffs blogging:  You sell your own made products and if the visitors of your blog are high, then you earn money along with the Affiliate marketing of own made products. For example: E-Book, PowerPoint template, Blogger Template, and premium Template by WordPress.  For selling products, you have to add Shopping Cart. Using Shopify, you may add shopping cart in any type of blog.

original products

#4. Earn online by using consultancy business blogging: The blog is not a medium of sharing own experience. While you are in front of everyone with a blog highlighting your experience not only that, if you wish this experience on your blog you can sell to anyone. So many bloggers are earning money by sharing their experience. Ramit Sethi and Marcus Sheridan are one of them who earn money by sharing their experience and methods. Earning money by sharing your experience is called Consultancy Business. You may start Consultancy Business by starting your own blog. By this, you may earn money and you also conserve time.

#5. Earn online paid speaking blogging: You will get so many videos of Harsh Agrawal, the founder of Shoutmeloud, which are available on YouTube. The videos are especially based on the participation in Paid Speaking Event on where you will see the comments of Harsh Agrawal about blog in front of the public. It is called Paid Speaking Event. You can earn money through it. To do this, you have to an idea about niche and you have an ability to speak in front of the people. You will know about this type of event in All Conference. Which method is doing for you in between earn online paid speaking blogging? You don’t forget to pass your comments.

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