Download Web Designing App for Android and Design your website


Hello Everyone. Are you a Webdesigner? Today in this post you are going to get Website design app download link where you can design your website using the Amazing Android app. Design your website with the android app. If you are a web designer, this android app will help you too.

Download Web Designing App for Android and Design your website

Download Web Designing App for Android and Design your website

Web Designing app for Android

This android app also helps to those who are the beginner in web designing. I mean to those students who are new in web designing. This app also helps to those who have not any personal computer. So, the learner will be able to learn through their Android Smartphone. The name of this app is “Android Web Editor”. Android web editor app also best for doing practice. Clever students will take the advantages of this app (web editor).

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Features of Android Web Editor:

  1. Code highlighting;
  2. Work with your FTP server;
  3. Work with files in your smartphone;
  4. Line numbering;
  5. Hot tags-button;
  6. Quick preview of your page;
  7. Highlighting the current line;
  8. Layer of Custom buttons ( you can create your own hot-keys)
  9. Search by code. NEW
  10. Changes set of hotkeys through the siding on the main screen.NEW
  11. Running your code on our server; (You can debug your PHP code!) // Sorry, but only in PRO version
  12. Encoding choice.NEW // Only in PRO.
  13. AUTO encoding choice. NEW // Only in PRO.
  14. Undo/redo. NEW // Only in PRO.

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This app has two versions. One is the free version and other is Pro version. The free version is free to use. And if you want to use pro version, you have to pay some money.

The price of Android Web Editor Pro is $2.99.

But I’ll give you pro version of Android Web Editor for free.

Download Android Web Editor Pro from this link (Web Designing app for Android)


You can also HTML Editor for Android (Google Play Link) (Web Designing app for Android)

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