Create a One Page Website by Following These Tips


One Page web design is a common trend with most modern web design experts. This is because it is quite simple, cheap and impressive in design.

Web Design Dubai
Web Design Dubai

In this article, you will learn how you can create your own one-page web design in Dubai for your business in order to give it a wider coverage.

Here are the necessary tips you should follow to achieve the best results:

Decide on the Design That Suits Your Business

The type of service you intend to offer will guide your decisions when working out the functionality and features that should be included on your web page with the help of web design in Dubai company. Therefore, determining this is the very first step in the process of creating your one-page website.

Plan Your Content

After arriving at a decision regarding the way you want your website to appear, you now have to lay out the contents that will be included in a professional and strategic manner.

Among this include your menu bar, about page, customer support or feedback, photo gallery, and FAQ section. It is however important for you not to clutter the page with too many features. To do this, ensure as much as possible to remove unnecessary features in order not to distract or confuse your viewers when they visit the site

Select the Most Suitable Template

One-page website service providers make the process of creating a website by providing customizable templates. Now that you know what your website should be about and have strategically planned your contents. It is time to choose the most suitable template for your web from among the several custom templates provided.

One-Page Websites
One-Page Websites

Split Your Contents into Different Sections

In this step, you have to organize your contents into several strips. On each strip, you can add a video, Image, etc. Add as many strips as your design may require and apply creativity to make it fit your taste.

Use Animation to Create a Parallax Effect

Parallax scroll is a common design trend in modern times because it has the ability to catch the attention of your viewer.  You can do this by adding the parallax animation on your strips.

Link Each Section to a Common Menu

This menu is slightly different from the type found in other classical sites. This links a different section of the same page to a single point. You can do this by adding an anchor and link the site menu to this anchor.

It is, however, essential that there is order in the linkage

Make Scrolling Easy for Viewers

In your one-page website, all your contents will be on a single page as the name implies. Your viewers will get captivated in your superb content and keep reading all the way through. Therefore, viewers would be needing a back to top button to quickly navigate their way back to top instead of scrolling endlessly.

Web Development
Web Development

Add Call to Action

CTA is very important to draw the attention of your viewers back to your main priority which is to promote your business. This is because all your contents are presented in a single place so your users can easily get distracted or carried away and then the purpose of your site is not achieved. Example of a call to action is “sign up for the newsletter.”

Here are some useful tips you should consider applying in your CTA:

  • It is should be very legible to catch the attention of your user.
  • The content of your footer should be rich

The footer is found at the end of the web page. Make sure yours is filled with rich contents because a lot of first-time viewers scroll there immediately first before reading your main contents.

Create a Social Media Account

Having a solid social media presence is a very good way to draw traffic to your site. This is because of the large population of the internet is present on social media. Your potential clients are among them.

Make sure your social media account is properly linked on your site. This will help you in promoting your site faster and increase the activity on your social media pages.

Optimize Your Contents with Search Engine Keywords

SEO is very important for drawing traffic to your site. When users search out for specific keywords, the search engine will like them to sites where those specific keywords have been used.

Optimize the Mobile View

Most people for navigating the internet do it through a mobile device because of convenience. It is therefore important for you to make your website as mobile-friendly as possible if you want mobile viewers to continue visiting.

Getting a good web design has become very easy with the possibility that a one-page website affords. Using these above tips will help you harness the leverage that the internet has to offer your business.