Don’t mistake ever to know 10 subjects before designing and developing Web sites with the developer


It is better to know something before then repenting after. Make sure about some service before developing a site. Because in spite of this, one website will be developed for you, but you may face problem in future. So it is better to be careful before about service. In which way you have run your website and in that way that is developed, but you don’t know which fault may stay in it which can take you in the problem in future.

10 subjects for Designing and Developing a Website with the Developer. 

Web Designing and Developing

Like, you wanted there will a user panel on the website where they can upload their pictures. But you may not know, there is a possibility of hacking your site if option of adding pictures correctly is not given.

There are 10 common services, knowing which you definitely will start web developing.

#1. Logo:

Logo Design

Know certainly that a creative logo will be made or not for website with web developing service. Because every website must need a logo. If the quality of the logo is not good, then the design and development of the website is a waste. Keep different budget for making a beautiful logo if necessary. So website’s quality will increase.

#2. Mobile friendly:

Mobile friendly website

Now the internet is the hands of men. Most of the internet users use the internet with their mobile. Which site you have been developed, you have to know definitely that, will mobile friendly or not. If it is not, then it will be seen like the content has not been correctly with mobile if you visit. It is better to make sure about that service than getting the problem.

#3. SEO:

SEO for Website

It is better to charge on page or off page search engine optimization service with developing. The cost will reduce in it. In spite of this, it is important to know that website is friend search engine or not. It is obvious to know that keyword has been given correctly or not in every page and in every post. Side by side, making a page of error 505 and see if there is any fault or not. Stay away from using so much colour and font on that site because visitor can’t be disturbed if they visit.

#4. Security:


In which average hacking is increasing, know before how will be website’s security? In spite of this, hacking can be happened in developing fault. In many big sites, developing fault is seen in the next, so know from before about daily note this matter will be or not.

#5. Platform Selection:

HTML or PHP? Or CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)? In which platform you will make a website? You have to select that according to service.

#6. Domain Name:


Many people choose and buy a domain with the developer. Though I think SEO expert should select differently for this. Many people buy domain, but forget to take authorization code. In the next, if the domain is lost or if you wanted to transfer from anywhere then you may face problems. In spite of this, your site’s quality and visitor attraction will depend on a good domain.

#7. Hosting:


Before selecting hosting, you have to see has hosted provider given all benefits of update or not? You will not many update theme and script of PHP if hosting is not supported that. In the most time, we are hosting with the developer. So you have a right to know that how you have used hosting. In spite of this, you have to know that also how is the visitor capacity?

#8. Copyright:


If any script or tools have been used or not in website, for that your website can be banned. So it will be not done only by web developers, but also you have to remember this matter.

#9. Advertisement Space:

Ad Space

According to website’s type, you have to keep space like doing advertisement. Not only keeping place, but also you have to see if that is in the right place or not the measure of size is right or not. Nowadays we have noticed, visiting many sites, it can’t be read articulately right for advertisement. The website may developed with which screen monitors there it is right, but in the monitor of other size it has not seen like that. So it should see before being visitor disturbed.

#10. Support:


You may need developer’s support if it’s necessary. So at the end of development, at least being sure and then select a developer for next 1 year.

Here is the not end for web developing. There are many matters which needs to discuss with the developer. So discuss with the developer and doing written contract if it is necessary, then give appointment with valuable developer.

Thank you. It is enough for today. Be happy all. Take care…….

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