Computer Hardware Related Question Answer (Part 9)


Download Computer Hardware Related Question Answer from mental club. Last top 50 hardware question and answers for computer hardware students. You can read (Part 8) from here.

Last part of Computer Hardware Question

1: What element is available in every VGA video card ?

2: Intermittent lockups and reboots are a sign of what?
A: Bad power supply

3: Standard US household current is?
A: 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz

4: What is the I/O address is used for COM3?
A: 3E8

5: What is are the 3 types of networks?

6: The base, emitter, and collector are all parts of what?
A: Transistor

7: What type of electrical device allows current to only flow in one direction?
A: Diode

8: What type of processor has built in math coprocessor and cache?
A: Pentium

9: How often does Dynamic RAM (DRAM) need to be refreshed?
A: Every 16 milliseconds

10: What is the electrical symbol for a resistor?
A: A zig zag line /\/\/\/\

11: In an IDE hard drive the minimum storage unit is called a?
A: Sector

12: What must be installed at the end of a SCSI chain?
A: Terminating resistor

13: The acronym HDI stands for?
A: Head to disk interference

14: With a dot matrix printer, light then dark print is most commonly caused by?
A: Erratic ribbon advancement

15: Your client gets garbage characters when trying to print a document. Which of the questions listed below could you ask? (choose all that apply)
A: Occurrence (how often)?
Do you have a sample?
What applications are being used?
Where is the printer located?

16: Which of the following should be considered when storing laser printer paper? (choose all that apply)
A: Location

17: Which bus type was introduced by IBM and was not accepted by the industry?

18: What device takes advantage of EMF spooling?
A: Printer

19: What device can you use to prevent power surges to your computer?
A: Surge Suppressor

20: What is the purpose of the Modem?
A: Turns digital signals into analog signals and vice versa.

21: The major difference between ESD and EMI is?
A: EMI is recoverable, ESD is not.

22: You are testing a household electrical outlet. If you test the ground & neutral wires, you should get what reading?
A: 0

23: Unused memory in the reserved area is called?
A: UMB (Upper Memory Blocks)

24: The 384K of memory region between 640K and 1MB is called?
A: Upper or Reserved Memory

25: Which of the following is not internet related?
A: X.400

26: What is the purpose of a Thermal Fuse?
A: In case the low voltage power supply overheats.

27: You get a call from a user complaining that his computer consistently locks up after only 5 minutes of operation. What is the possible cause?
A: Faulty power supply

28: What types of Cache memory are available on a Pentium Pro CPU?
A: L1 & L2

29: The EIDE specification allows a maximum of how many hard drives?
A: 4

30: The most common size of floppy drive in use today is?
A: 3 ½ “, 1.44 MB

31: Floppy drive letters are determined by?
A: Position of the drive on the floppy cable.

32: The ROM chip located on the motherboard stores?
A: System BIOS

33: How many bytes are stored in a hard drive sector?
A: 512

34: What is a common connector for a serial port?
A: DB9

35: Which device can protect against power sags?

36: A customer calls and says that his monitor light is on but he has no display. His PC apparently seems to boot OK and is running. What is the first thing you would do?
A: Check the monitor adjustment controls

37: What tool would you use to properly discharge the CRT ?
A: High voltage probe

38: The video BIOS is normally located at what memory address?
A: C0000 – C7FFF

39: What would you use to clean the printhead on a dot-matrix printer ?
A: Denatured Alcohol

40: What size is the FAT for a floppy drive?
A: 12-bit

41: What is the most common way to access the CMOS Setup program?
A: Press DEL key at boot-up

42: How much memory could the 8086 processor address?
A: 1 MB

43: An old IBM PC gives you a POST error code of 1701. What does this point to?
A: Hard Drive Controller

44: Where are the Upper memory blocks located?
A: Reserved Memory

45: What is the one thing that all Viruses’ try to do?
A: Copy itself

46: When servicing a dot matrix printer, which component gets very hot ?
A: Printhead

47: What action will enable more applications to run simultaneously?
A: Add RAM

48: What DMA channel does a floppy drive use?
A: 2

49: The monitor power LED is ‘on’ but the monitor screen is completely dark. The least likely cause of the problem is:
A: System RAM problem

50: How may standard levels of interrupts are provided on the 8-bit ISA bus (XT-class computer)?
A: 8

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