Do you know that in which countries the Facebook is closed? Why stop? Let’s Know the Sensational Information about the Facebook


In various times, the Facebook was banned in various countries. The popular social media network Facebook was banned due to the various situation. Some countries banned the Facebook for 1 day and some countries banned the Facebook for permanent. And, the technology lover country China banned Facebook and started their own popular social networking site as a substitution of Facebook. Index of Censorship published a report about the banning on social networking site in various countries. The report also discussed the reason and timing of banning the Facebook.

Do you know the Facebook was banned in various countries? Do you know why?


North Korea

The political rivalry is also going on in between the United States of America and North Korea. Sometimes, this rivalry is spilling into the Cyber War. The powerful leader of the North Korea Kim-Jong-Un keeps the using of the Internet limited. He banned the internet in various times. But, the funny thing is that the inhabitants of the North Korea get the opportunity of using the internet limited but the foreigners of the North Korea get the opportunity of using the 3G internet. For inter-connecting in North Korea, there is an opportunity of using the extranet named Kwangmyong. Though, it is used just for Birthday wishing. The students and teachers of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology get the opportunity of using the Internet in their specialized lab. But, they do not use it due to the instructions of the Government. In the report of the Washington, a report about the internet in North Korea was published. In that report, R. Srinivasan told that North Korea is such a country in where every computers put under the Government surveillance. There is a restriction of the Government from software to hardware.


Iran is another country against United States. The Facebook is also banned in here. But, the funny thing is that the general people do not use the Facebook but the political leaders use the Facebook and Twitter. The Seventh and present president of Iran Hassan Rouhani came to the power in 2013. At the time of elections, he used Facebook and Twitter. From there, he advertised the schemes of Irani Government. As the Facebook and Twitter is banned in Iran, so he was forced to de-activate his Facebook and Twitter account. In the month of May, the Iran Government declared that the social media is totally banned in Iran.


The China Government have spied over the Internet named “The Great Firewall of China”. In 2009, the Facebook was banned in China after the war of “Urumqi War”. The war spread in Urumqi, the capital of the autonomous area in Uyghur. Total 197 people was dead in that war. The Facebook was used as a medium of the communication and was used as the medium of the war plan. So, the China Government banned Facebook. At that time, the China Government was strict about the internet system. In 2013, the China Government relaxed the restrictions. Though the foreign apps are banned in China, but, some Chinese apps such as we chat, RainRain, webo are so popular. So, the Chinese do not feel bother.


Facebook is not fully banned in Latin American Country Cuba. But, the uses of Internet is very costly and very difficult in Cuba. Only, the politicians, journalists, medical students can use the Internet in Cuba. For this, all of the people depend on Cyber Cafe. In there, for using the Internet, minimum 6-10 dollar has been paid by the users. But, the average income of Cuba is 20 dollar. So, it is called Luxury if anybody use Internet by paying hue amount of dollar. For slow speed, so many people’s money lost. In this way, the people of Cubans are living in Cuba.


In 2011, due to the demand of resigning the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak, the Facebook was banned in Egypt. As the revolutionaries cannot united themselves by using Facebook. As the foreigners cannot watch the movement, so the Egyptian sites do not appear in abroad. By using the proxy server, the revolutionaries used YouTube, Hotmail, Google and Hosni Mubarak was declined. But, after that the Facebook and other social media networks were re-opened.


In 2007, at first, social media sites were banned in Syria. Bashar Al-Assad Government thought that by using the social media sites, Israeli detectives can do propaganda against the Assad’s Government. In 2011, Assad withdrew the prohibitory order. At that time, The Anti-Government movement was started like Tunisia, Egypt etc. As a Government order, though 4 years banning of using any social networking sites, the Syrian people used social networking sites by using proxy server.


In Mauritius, the country of Africa, Facebook was banned for 1 day. The reason was so funny. Someone opened a fake account by naming the Prime Minister Navinchandra Ramgoolam and update the Facebook Status from that fake account. So, for stopping this propaganda, in 2007, Facebook was banned in whole country. But, after some hours, Facebook was re-opened. In 2010, for two weeks, the Facebook was also banned in Pakistan due to the disgusted cartoons. But, in the next time, the banning was withdrawn by the Pakistan Government and those Facebook pages which really spread religious hatred has been closed in Pakistan.


In 2009, Facebook was banned in the South-East Country Vietnam. Though, no Government prohibitory order was forced. But, according to the various reports, due to the leak of Governmental important documents, the Facebook was banned by the technologists. Though, the Government did not accept this allegation. Next time, with out any Governmental announcements, the Internet and Facebook using was limited in this country.

Source: NTV OneLine