The 10 New Features of Facebook


 Hi Friends!! How are you? Today I am discussing on another new topic. The name of the topic is: The 10 New Features of Facebook. 

150 million users, Facebook is the most powerful in the world of social media. Facebook leaves some features which always keep forward itself than other Social Media. Facebook has brought so many things such as from “360-degree view” to “video profile picture”. These features have made Facebook more attractive. It is easy to use. According to the Times of India, Facebook recently has brought some of the best features which are discussed below.


Live Video Streaming:  

Facebook has introduced a new feature called Live. Some of the people will be able to promote their live video. However, since last year, Facebook has launched this app.

The Special App for verifying users

Apart from specialized journalists, verified users can be added with followers. In addition, you can share particular tune. However, you have to fill up the particular form to download this app.

New Style Note

The “Note” feature has come as a new style in Facebook. It almost looks like a blog. There are enough opportunities to change the style of the font. There is a big chance to set up a big picture on the tune.

The Associate App of 360-degree:

Facebook App brings 360-degree video partner. This App will allow users to experience virtual reality. Facebook has worked with renowned institutions Akulsera for making it.

Video will be Profile Picture:

The profile picture is the first identity of any person on Facebook. And now, video will be your profile picture in Facebook. This feature makes Facebook more beautiful.  

Dislike Option:

Like! If we something like. But, all tunes do not liked by us. But some rules which belong in Facebook rules that many people may not like. However, there was no dislike option on Facebook. This feature has been introduced recently.

More Videos:

Many videos are often seen on Facebook. After watching any video, there are few more videos are also arrived in below. “Suggested Eight Video” feature has made it possible on Facebook.

Instant Artist:  

Facebook wants to read on mobile phones more quickly. The official name is given by instant. This feature enables the using rate of Facebook in mobile phones more quickly.  

Real Time Search:

If you search any information about any subject and the ability to quickly get information is called “Real Time Search”. Facebook has launched it recently.  

The Notifications to Users’ hand: 

The Facebook hand over the notification system to the users’ hands. Now any user can decide himself what he wants to know about.

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