Computer Hardware Question Answer – (Part 5)


Today I’ll give you more 50 question of computer hardware. I think, it is working for you. You can comment your requirements. You can read (Part 4) from here.

Top 50 Computer Hardware Question Answer

1: What part of the PC performs the POST?

2: What error code identifies a floppy drive problem?
A: 601

3: Can EMI affect the display on a monitor?

4: In a laser printer which component will not cause a paper jam?
A: Scanner unit

5: What resistance in Ohms should be displayed when testing a speaker in a computer?
A: 0

6: On an AT computer, which IRQ could not be used for a network card?
A: 1

7: DMA is managed with a controller chip on the system board. How many channels can a single controller chip manage?
A: 4

8: On a floppy cable, the connector with the twist will be come which drive letter?
A: A

9: You have a printer on LPT1, you want to install another printer. To which port should it be connected?

10: On a leased line installation a known good external modem shows no carrier detect light. What is most likely the problem?
A: Phone line

11: To clean the plastic case of a PC you would use?
A: Damp cloth
All purpose cleaner

12: Which processor chip was introduced in 1984 and has 130,000 transistors?
A: 80286

13: The_____ chip is found in most AT class computers.
A: 80286

14: Which was the first processor chip to have onboard cache?
A: 486

15: What type of bus is used in laptops?

16: To avoid ESD when working on a PC, you should? (choose two)
A: Assure that you and the PC are at the same electrical charge level
Use anti-static spray liberally

17: ESD potential decreases with the use of what?
A: A wrist strap

18: ESD would cause the most damage to which component?
A: Expansion board

19: One of the major components of a PC is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) which can be best described as:
A: The area where all of the processing takes place.

20: Which type of system board is the MOST likely will be best if you want maximum performance and future compatibility?

21: What REQUIRES an anti-static bag for transport?
A: I/O controller

22: Which was the first interface to embed the controller within the drive housing?

23: Which type of interface can exchange data without the use of microprocessor?

24: The host adapter of a SCSI interface is usually set to what ID?
A: 7

25: How many pins do Dot matrix printers commonly use?
A: 9 or 24

26: How does a thermal printer produce images?
A: With heat and special thermal paper

27: Using paper that is to coarse in a laser printer can cause what problem?
A: Premature wear to the paper path

28: Which bus type can reach a peak transfer rate of 33Mbps?

29: What type of expansion bus does an AT bus support?
A: 8 and 16 bit slots

30: What is the highest binary number that can be referenced on a three position jumper block?
A: 7 (0111)

31: What is the problem with an interlaced monitor?
A: It can flicker and cause eye strain.

32: In a normal text mode a monitor can display?
A: 80 columns by 25 lines.

33: The resolution for the CGA standard monitor is?
A: 320×200-4 colors

34: The resolution for the VGA standard monitor is?
A: 640×480-16 colors

35: The resolution for the SVGA standard monitor is?
A: 800×600-16 colors

36: The resolution for the XGA standard monitor is?
A: 640×480-65,536 colors

37: Of the two types of keyboards Capacitive and Switch, which is more prone to failure?
A: Switch

38: When referring to keyboards, what does debouncing mean?
A: Cleans up electrical noise.

39: A mode of data transmission characterized by regular time periods and no start or stop bits is called?
A: Synchronous

40: Which serial data transmission mode is faster, synchronous or asynchronous?
A: Synchronous

41: Does a byte equal one character or one word?
A: One character.

42: You have two modems connected over a phone line and one modem is dropping characters. What is the most likely problem ?
A: The modem is not configured correctly.

43: Which prong on the AC plug is the Phase side?
A: The shorter one

44: A Power Supply is rated in?
A: Watts

45: The fusing unit of a laser printer uses what 2 elements to bond the image to the paper?
A: Heat and Pressure

46: Why should you change an ink jet cartridge instead of refilling it?
A: With a new cartridge you are also replacing the jets

47: You have a printing resolution of 200dpi. What does that mean?
A: 200 dots per inch

48: The transfer corona wire in a laser printer has what type of charge?
A: Positive

49: A printwire can be found in what type of printer?
A: Dot Matrix

50:A program written using binary codes is called:

A:Machine language

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