Install Windows 8.1 from Pen Drive


Hi are you? Enjoying winter? Today I will show you how to install windows 8.1 from pen drive. Almost all of us are now using Windows 8.1 because it good for gaming and very first.Windows 8.1 is good to me, so this post is written with Windows 8.1.

Install Windows 8.1 from Pen Drive

Install Windows 8.1 from Pen Drive

DVD drives are not working, or who are using the new net book computer without the DVD and they want to upgrade or install his operating system,the only way to install windows 8.1 with pen drive.but pen drive are not come with the feature with you have to make your pen drive bootable. Let’s see how you can make a bootable pen drive:

Step-1: At first open cmd then First type diskpart and press enter. It will open new cmd window.
Step-2: Next type list disk command. It will list Disk number. Disk 0 is hard disk and Disk 1 is Pen Drive.
Step-3: Now type select disk 1 command in order to select your Pen Drive (here Disk 1).
Step-4: Now Type clean command in order to clean pen Drive.
Step-5: Now type active command in order to active selected part.
Step-6: Now type format fs=fat32 command to assign format. It start formatting your pen Drive, and take few minutes so please wait to finish.
Step-7: Now type assign command.
Step-8: At last type exit command. your pen Drive is ready to use. Use wherever you want to use like for installing Windows 8.1.
Step-9: Copy all the files from Windows 8.1 DVD folder and paste inside your bootable Pen Drive.
Step-10: You will able to install Windows 8.1 in your computer/laptop or others from pen drive after finishing the process of copy.

Pen drive to install the Windows 8.1 –
Insert the bootable pen drive on your PC
Give your PC and re-reboot
Press Delete / F2 / F12 key to enter the BIOS settings.
First Boot Device Select the pen and press F10 to save.

An Alternative Method – You Can Read it from here.

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