Due to the virus, one more drive is added into the hard disk of the computer. Remove it by using the software


How are you? Hopefully, you guys are very well. I am fine. Today, I will discuss about the hardware. Now, your computer has affected by the virus. For example, in one computer, there are 6 drives, but the 1 drive is added. The name of the drive is Y drive. As a result, the computer has slowed down. I have known it from my friend. I have watched it very carefully and I have checked 20-25 computers and I have given some screenshots to out the virus. The name of the software is: USB Worm Protraction. Download the software. Then, install it and follow the screen shots.

Do you know due to the virus, “Y drive” is added into the hard disk of the computer?

1st Step:

After giving set up, I have given some screenshots and follow these screenshots. Now, watch on the task bar inside where the red arrow sign is shown. At that point, you right click of the mouse, and in there, there are so many options will come and click on the “Scan for Worms option” and follow the screen shots.


2nd Step:

Now, the dialogue box will come and now follow the red marked arrow in the picture and give a tick sign in the Local Disk (C:) and watch another red marked arrow in where “Start Scan”  process has started and wait for it.


3rd Step:

After finishing the scanning process, a download box will come in where the read marked arrow signs are shown in the detected and in the suspected scan. After finishing these two scanning processes, select the “All” option which has caught the virus and now click on the “Action” option and in there click on the “Delete All” option. Now, finish the work and restart your computer. After doing this, you will which that everything has become normal just like the previous condition.


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