Computer Hardware Question Answer – (Part 7)

After two days, I have published again “Computer Hardware Question Answer” (Part 7) – only for you. Please make a copy of all questions. Read Part 6 from here.

Top 50 Computer Hardware Question Answer

1: What is the cheapest way to access the Internet?
A: Dial Up access

2: If a monitor only displays blue or green, or combinations of blue and green, what is the problem?
A: The RED electron gun is broken.

3: When you power up the monitor, it displays a “301” error code, what is the problem?
A: Keyboard problem

4: What type of output device should never be hooked up to a switch box?
A: Laser printer

5: Does it matter which lead of a voltmeter is connected to an AC circuit?
A: No

6: Does shadowing normally occur in conventional or extended memory?
A: Extended

7: What does Full Duplex mean?
A: Simultaneous Transmit and Receive

8: Do PCI cards need IRQs?
A: No. PCI cards don’t use IRQs, they use “Interrupt Levels”, numbered A,B,C and D.

9: If the output from the power supply drops from +12 Volts to +11.3 Volts, what should you do?
A: Nothing, a slight power drop or increase is acceptable.

10: The resolution of a monitor will always ultimately be determined by what?
A: The number of triads

11: What is the correct handshake signals used in serial data transfers?
A: Data Terminal Ready and Data Set Ready (DTR/DSR)

12: How many DMA channels are on a 16-bit ISA system?
A: 8

13: What is the maximum length for a narrow, slow, SCSI-2 chain?
A: 20 ft.

14: What is the first step to be performed after installing a new blank hard drive?
A: Partition the hard drive.

15: What product must you use to clean the rubber rollers on a printer?
A: Denatured Alcohol

16: What type of connection ports do most modems have?
A: RJ-11

17: In the AT type PCs, the system BIOS is most commonly located where in memory?
A: The 64K just below address FFFFF.

18: In Inkjet technology, the droplets of ink are deflected towards the paper by what?
A: Electrically charged plates

19: External modems are usually connected to which type of ports?
A: Serial

20: What does EMI stand for?
A: Electromagnetic Interference

21: If a laser printer keeps grabbing more than one sheet of paper at a time, the problem is most likely?
A: Paper has picked up too much moisture.

22: What are the 3 types of modem transmission protocols?
A: Xmodem

23: If the characters printed on a dot matrix appear chopped off at the top, what is the likely problem?
A: Misaligned printhead

24: How many 72 pin SIMMs are needed to make a bank on a Pentium PC?
A: 2

25: What is the most popular type of modem protocol?
A: Zmodem

26: Will you ever find ISA slots on a laptop PC?
A: No

27: What does the term MODEM stand for?
A: Modulator Demodulator

28: What is the fasted type of expansion bus?

29: Most Pentium CPUs run on what voltage?
A: 3.3 Volts

30: You have just replaced the toner cartridge in a laser printer. The first few sheets come out smudged. What should you do to fix this?
A: Run a few blank sheets trough until smudging stops.

31: What 2 types of ports can a mouse use?
A: PS/2

32: How many logical drives can an EIDE hard disk be divided into?
A: 24

33: A laser printer generates a totally black sheet. What could cause this?
A: No power to the primary corona

34: The distance between two adjacent phosphors of the same color on the CRT screen is known as?
A: Dot pitch

35: How often should you clean a CD-ROM laser?
A: Never touch the laser in a CD-ROM

36: The decimal equivalent of the binary number 0111 is?
A: 7

37: When you send print to your laser printer, the sheets come out blank. What is most likely the cause?
A: No power to the transfer corona.

38: When testing household current, you should read how many volts between the neutral and the ground?
A: 0

39: What IRQ does LPT2 use?
A: 5

40: You boot a computer and get the message “No ROM basic, system halted”. What is the problem?
A: There is no active partition

41: A bi-directional parallel cable is also known by what specification?
A: IEEE 1284

42: If your monitor only shows a single line, what is probably the problem?
A: Bad yoke coil

43: When cleaning the keys on a keyboard, you should use?
A: All- purpose cleaner.

44: An error code 20 on an HP laser printer signifies what?
A: Memory overflow

45: Improper installation of the floppy drive ribbon cable can cause permanent damage to your PC?
A: False

46: What are the P8 and P9 connectors?
A: They connect the power supply to the motherboard.

47: Transferring multiple bits of data over several conductors at one time is what type of communication?
A: Parallel

48: When a power cable and a printer cable get too close together, what might occur?

49: Should you plug a laser printer into a UPS?
A: No

50: What is the primary advantage of parallel communication over serial?
A: Speed