C2B: (Consumer to Business) – E-Commerce Business Model


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1.9. C2B: (Consumer to Business) – E-Commerce Business Model

Consumer to Business

In here, a consumer fixed his/her project with a definite budget, and submits online, next various companies watch out the requirements of consumers and then bid that or reviews the consumers’ bid and then select the institution and get the responsibility to complete the project of that institution. Here, the power of the consumer is the main factor. For example, a person, who will visit Mumbai to Kolkata, but he has only 2000 rupees. He wants a ticket with a return ticket. For this, he brings their requirements in C2B site. Now, those websites bid his/her requirements which websites fulfil his/her requirement or supply ticket in fewer prices. Then, the person reviews the bid and cut his/her airline ticket in which website that he/she will like. Actually, a consumer who purchases his/her products or services to any institution is called Consumer to Business model.

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