Why E-Commerce?


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E-Commerce is a media through which by using Electronic Communication and digital information processing technology you can make a full transaction system of any business. As a result, a true business like a relationship is made in between an institution and another institution or any person.

Why E-Commerce? Why do you choose an E-Commerce business?

why ecommerce

Why E-Commerce? Suppose, you think about that you want to open a chain shop either in the area of Park Street or in Camac Street of Kolkata. Firstly, you have to choose a good place and you have to manage a Godown and you have to recruit some people and you also have to sign on contract paper to buy goods and the most important thing is Investment. But, you build up this type of institution without any investment. Can you imagine it?  It is possible. It is possible only in through the medium of E-Commerce. But, how will you build up a chain shop or any shop in E-Commerce? – I will discuss it in further chapters. But, the main advantage is that you may purchase your products to any persons in any part of the World.

The work you cannot do it any define place through any business like an institution. You aren’t only purchasing the goods, but also, you made an auction house in where every people bring their products for selling and give their desired price and then those persons who will purchase this product, they will bid that and who give the maximum price they will win that product.

And now, the seller will contact you and supply the product to you. Now, the owner of that E-Commerce site will cut the percentage of commission from the seller. This is an example of E-Commerce. Now, you may visit from www.ebay.com. Now, you easily can make the transaction related site. But, you have to do Site Marketing. If you do a good job in the site marketing, then you will be a successful business man. Then E-Commerce site may be the main source of income of yours.

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