Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)


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1.15. Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Mobile Commerce

Now, I will discuss with Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce. This medium gains good popularity in all over the world. Now, the question is: What is M-Commerce? Mobile is a media by which you can sell a product and provide services through the wireless handheld device. Mobile commerce permits the users to access the internet from any parts of the world for any moment. Mobile commerce actually does work through the wireless application protocol. Mobile Commerce was firstly used in 1997 and it was used by Coca-Cola Company and they adapted this mobile e-commerce technology through text message to take payment. At the same time, the Merit Bank of Finland started first the mobile bases banking. Mobile Commerce gets a big popularity because by mobile, the transactions related work done very fast and its security is very high. For this reason, the financial service providers are giving their interests in mobile banking. Users also collect their information, paid their bills and purchase and buy their desired products through their devices.

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